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Mesopotamian black/thrash pioneers MELECHESH are hard at work on pre-production for the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2010 album, “The Epigenesis”. In addition, the band has parted ways with longtime guitarist and close friend Moloch and drummer Xul. Moloch had officially been out of MELECHESH for eight months while he has been focusing on his academic career.

While it is still to be announced who will fill the drumming position, Moloch will be replaced by new guitarist Sirius (pictured below).

MELECHESH mainman Ashmedi and bass player/backing vocalist Scorpiros will debut the new lineup on the stage late fall early winter 2013 during the band’s North American tour.

Commented Ashmedi: “I talked with Moloch and asked him maybe it is better he is no longer a part of MELECHESH because we needed to have an active guitar player. He fully agreed and was thinking the exact same thing. He is one of my best friends but this has to do with MELECHESH and music — nothing else. In fact, we will be hanging out soon in Jerusalem and catching up. He is always welcome to come jam or do a guest appearance. Like I said, this man is one of the closest people to me personally. We are literally family. I wish the best of luck for his new and interesting Journey.

“A couple of weeks ago I did what I was considering for a while: I asked Xul to leave. In the past, I thought such things are impossible, but you know what, family , companies, governments, kingdoms all go through changes. In a naive or a romantic way, we all think change is not good in such cases. On the contrary, it could be extremely vital for the longevity of music. What I am trying to say is I made these decisions for the sole purpose of improving the music and preventing stagnation. I was not happy with the status quo, so I had to do something about it. I wish Xul the best of luck I am certain he enjoyed this ride which was a good learning experience for everyone. Anyway I don’t worry about him as he plays in several other bands, so it’s all good.

“I am a very loyal person — anyone with over two brain cells knows this (the ones with one brain cells do not get it…) — but my focus and priority is the well being and progress of MELECHESH.

“You can also hear some of Aybar‘s (Sirius) work on the soundtrack of the movie ‘The Last Will And Testament Of Rosalind Leigh’ where he did the entire soundtrack for this film.”


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In a miracle of science, Metal Injection cloned Devin Townsend for the sole purpose of interviewing himself. Who better than Devy to interview Devy? And so, Devin did just that, doing a fine job asking about Devin’s new album, “Epicloud,” and why he’s not into reforming Strapping Young Lad.

Check out the clip through Metal Injection or in the player below. You can also read our own recent interview with Devin at this location.

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Costa Rican death metal act Insepulto will release its debut LP “Morbid Spawn of Resurrection” this year through Psycho Records.

According to the press release: “Emerging from the depths, Insepulto has resurrected with the sole purpose of corrupting the righteous! This will be achieved through a continuous worshiping of Old School Death Metal via their brand new debut “Morbid Spawn of Resurrection”. The album has been conceived under the ancient parameters of the genre, evoking the wrath and malevolence of early British and Floridian styles.

“Packed with impious lyrics & photos, this infernal aural output is crowned with a killer cover [see below] by one of the most respected and talented underground artists, the Chilean freak Daniel “SelfDesecrator”, whose work has embellished releases by some of the most evil underground bands in the world. Prepare your soul to be corrupted!!!

“For fans Massacre, Death (old), Cancer, Malevolent Creation, Deicide and all old gods!!”

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In a word…no. The buzz about the new Autopsy EP, The Tomb Within has received is crazy, but not unfounded. Autopsy are a quintessential American death metal band that was largely responsible for bringing the brutal gore elements to the genre, which bands like Cannibal Corpse would go on to become famous for. Albums like Severed Survival are mandatory death metal listening, even just for history’s sake. Autopsy though, for whatever reason, never really hit their stride as a unit, perhaps never achieving their full potential as a result of multiple break ups and reunions over the course of their tenure. Last year though, Autopsy got together to record a few new songs for the re-release of Severed Survival, which apparently led to a full scale comeback. The most recent output has been the The Tomb Within, which one can only assume is the early establishment of what a full length will come to sound like. Unfortunately, this latest incarnation of Autopsy leaves much to be desired.

The downtuned, mid paced, plodding destruction that Autopsy fans have grown to love, is attempted, but the delivery is completely lackluster. I hate to say it, but this album really sounds like a bunch of dudes listening to their old albums, for the sole purpose of replicating their success. Essentially, the soul that once made this band so indelible, is almost completely vacant. The pained shrieks of Eric Cutler pale in comparison to what he was able to evoke 25 years ago, gone are the meaty bass licks, and finally, the unexpected riff maneuvering that played out more like a Possessed style proto thrash metal album, than the uber-technical wish wash that the death metal scene would eventually evolve into.

The Tomb Within represents a shell of a band that once was great, and I am nervous that they could be damaging their legacy by attempting to make a comeback, when a comeback really wasn’t needed to begin with from a fan’s perspective.

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And what gets you into the category for “hottest chicks in metal” at the Revolver Golden Gods awards? For having having not only one hot chick, but TWO hot chicks in the band, that’s how! Eyes Set to Kill is painfully generic metalcore, like 2003 era bordering on old school new school metalcore. The ONLY reason these guys are anywhere in the media today is because of the Rodriguez Sisters and their utter hotness. Furthermore, even if the band were good, how much respect could we actually give Eyes Set to Kill for prostituting out their female half for the sole purpose of gaining attention to their music. Yes, they are cute, but this also isn’t MTV, so don’t expect much support from the metal community.

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