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General Music News: Albarn played solo material as well as Gorillaz, Blur and the Good, the Bad and the Queen tracks.

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MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars plans to release at least an EP of solo material once the band has completed its “Final Tour”, with the possibility of even more songs surfacing in the years to follow.

MÖTLEY CRÜE held a press conference on January 28 at Hotel Roosevelt in Los Angeles where they announced that the band will launch the “Final Tour” later this year, with the group planning to play 72 shows in North America in 2014 and more overseas in 2015. Making it official, the four members of the band had their lawyer draw up a formal “cessation of touring” agreement that goes into effect at the end of 2015 and prohibits the members of the group from going on the road again under the MÖTLEY CRÜE banner.

During an appearance on the March 3 edition of Eddie Trunk‘s show “Trunk Nation” on SiriusXM‘s Hair Nation, Mars was asked if he had any plans to pursue a solo career once MÖTLEY CRÜE was done touring.

“Loyalty is kind of important to me, but I mean, doing side projects and everything else, [there is] nothing wrong with it at all,” Mars said. “But I have my own stuff that I have been stashing for a long time.”

Regarding what shape his debut solo release will take, Mars said: “I can honestly say that I am going to release at least an EP. As far as a whole album right now, I won’t release a whole album ’till I think every single one of my songs is an ‘A’ song. And I’ve got a shitload of songs, and they’re all ‘B’ songs, ‘C’ songs… I’ll give them to, like, baby bands coming up, TV commercials, movies, soundtracks, whatever the heck, but I will not put them on my record until I believe in my heart that they’re ‘A’ songs, that when you hear them, you have to have all of them. You know what I mean? No fillers. If I hear a filler in there or anything I think is a filler? No. But then, who am I to judge? Then you release singles.”

He continued: “I have about six songs… I mean, I have way, way more than that, but they’re all, like… to me, they don’t matter. They’re laying there. I mean, stacks. And I have a studio in my house, of course, and I go down there almost every day. And just in the past week or so, I’ve written six new songs which I believe are pretty much on their way to being ‘A’ songs. But I just need someone to come in and help me, not arrange, by any means… I know what I’m hearing and I know what I wanna hear. It’s, like, [I need] a guy to help me [lay vocals on top of it]… ’cause I’m not a singer.”

Asked what he plans on doing after MÖTLEY CRÜE retires from touring, Mars told Edmonton, Alberta, Canada’s 100.3 The Bear radio station nack in January: “A solo record. People have been asking me for that for years and years and years. And ‘Why hasn’t Mick written a book?’ So that, of course, is gonna be in the works. I haven’t started anything or figured out who I want to write with me, or help me write it. But doing that kind of a thing. Putting together, probably, a cool band with some cool friends of mine and stuff, and going out and doing some… you know, a few weeks here and a few weeks there, touring… but not as the MICK MARS BAND; I won’t do that. [Laughs] You’ll see, like, a name, and you’ll go, ‘Hey, who’s that?’ ‘I don’t know’ That’s the name of the band.”

In a September 2012 interview with Jacky Bam Bam of the 93.3 WMMR radio station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mars spoke about his long-rumored solo album of R&B, soul, and blues songs, which he had asked American R&B and soul singer-songwriter Macy Gray to guest on. “I would love to have Macy Gray sing stuff for me,” he said. “What I have in mind is not like your shuffle beat kind of blues, it’s more of an Etta James kind of blues. If you listen to the first Paul Butterfield album, with Sam Lay playing drums, there’s not a shuffle in it. He takes the drums and he does a whole different thing with them. I want lots of movement in the rhythm, so you can’t help but move. Like a Macy Gray voice on it, or Andy Garcia — people like that are, to me, they’re fabulous singers. Not that I wanna do a hodgepodge of singers and stuff, but to [have them] guest on a couple of songs would be very cool.”

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“Collide”, the new solo video from SOUNDGARDEN bassist Ben Shepherd, can be seen below (courtesy of The track comes off Shepherd‘s debut solo album as HBS (his given name of Hunter Benedict Shepherd), “In Deep Owl”, which was released on August 27. The collection of songs was recorded in the industrial neighborhoods of Georgetown and Interbay in Seattle, Washington and was produced by Dave French, Ben Shepherd, Chad MacMurray and Nathan Yaccino. It features guest appearances by SOUNDGARDEN drummer Matt Cameron and former PEARL JAM drummer Matt Chamberlain.

Regarding the CD title, Shepherd told Bass Player magazine: “That’s an old nickname for the neighborhood where I hang out.”

He added: “[The album] was done before SOUNDGARDEN returned to doing anything, and then it was put on the back burner.”

Speaking about the lyrical approach of his solo material, Shepherd told PureVolume: “I want to do that to give people freedom to think and feel about what it is. I don’t want to just blurt it out, unless it’s one of those songs where you want to say exactly what it is. I don’t tend to write journalistically like that when it comes to words. Like ‘Stone Pale’ was made up on the spot years ago. Then, I added a verse during the recording of this record because I thought it needed another verse instead of just repeating a verse.”


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Rokken Randy of conducted an interview with SEVENDUST singer Lajon Witherspoon on July 27 in Syracuse, New York. You can now watch the chat below.

Witherspoon told Alternative Addiction in an interview that he plans to start work on a solo project after the band completes the touring and promotion cycle for its recently released album, “Black Out The Sun”. Witherspoon revealed, “Once this album has taken its course and SEVENDUST slows down again, I’ll start working on my solo stuff. I feel that life and music is like a chess game, and so I’m waiting to make my next move.”

Asked what his solo material will sound like, Witherspoon replied, “When I sing and people hear my voice, I have to believe they’ll compare it to SEVENDUST, which I don’t mind, because that’s where my roots are. But I think my stuff will definitely have rock and a lot more soul. SEVENDUST has a groove, but I think I’ll be a little bit different.”

The four other members of SEVENDUST all worked on new projects during the band’s last extended break.

Guitarist Clint Lowery and drummer Morgan Rose released a debut album called “Last Parade” from their band CALL ME NO ONE in June 2012, while guitarist John Connolly and bassist Vince Hornsby also launched a new act called PROJECTED that issued a first effort titled “Human” in September 2012.

SEVENDUST‘s ninth studio set, “Black Out The Sun”, came out on March 26 and follows up 2010’s “Cold Day Memory”.

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Anette with Nightwish

Since shockingly leaving Nightwish last year, that Anette Olzon’s been a bit quiet, right? Well, it turns out she’s been working on some solo material and has even posted a demo of a brand new song online.

Our Anette in the studio

“The songs are not mixed or produced, just recorded in the moment, and therefore are very rough songs,” she commented in 2011 of some of her solo work. “But I still want you to hear them since I am proud of them and I think they show another part of me than you hear in Nightwish.” She added, “The first song is called Floating and I call it the ‘circus’ song. It gives me a happy feeling and the vibe in it is happy and joyful. The second song [Invincible] is a song I wrote for my son and therefore it’s very special to me.”

Have a listen to new track Falling below:

Meanwhile, Nightwish continue to tour with current singer Floor Jansen, though refuse to confirm whether she’ll be taking over vocal duties full-time. HMMM.

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Sebastian Bach: Skid ROWND?

Former Skid Row frontman and owner of lovely hair Sebastian Bach has commented on rumours that Skid Row have been close to a reunion of their classic lineup for some time now.

“It would be very simple,” says the singer to told VH1 Radio Network’s Dave Basner. “It’s like a no-brainer. I mean I make my living still singing those songs along with my solo material and so it’s very easy for me to walk up to the microphone and sing my own songs that I’ve been singing for 25 years. So I don’t see what the hold-up is. You’d have to ask them.”

Bach has previously stated that he is now open to the idea of rejoining his former bandmates, saying back in July 2012; “For the fans, I would be willing to put my ego aside and do something that would be special for the people who put us where we are today,” he wrote. “I do not personally want it myself. But it’s not always about ‘what I want.’ If the fans really want to see us together, I would do it for the fans. Sometimes you can do things for people other than yourself.”

Come on, lads. Sod Solinger off and get Bach back in. At least long enough for us to use a cheesy ‘Bach For Good’ headliner.

Anyhoo, here’s our interview with Seb from Download 2012:

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Phil Anselmo: going solo

Phil Anselmo has suggested that the solo material we’ve heard from him so far is a bit lightweight compared to what’s to come. This pleases us. Yes it does.

“I’ve always had this great affinity for extreme music,” he tells Crave Online. “That’s a well-known fact. After Dimebag‘s death and after things went really sour with Superjoint Ritual, and Down became one of the main focal points, if not the main focal point of my musical output. I won’t call it an empty feeling, because at heart I’m a free agent — I can do what I want. Down will be there, and all that stuff. But if I was going to put my fingers on something heavy again, I wanted it to be different from anything that I had touched before. Not that it’s annoying or anything, but I see a lot of the comments saying it’s similar to Superjoint. But it’s coming from a musician who knows and played guitar in both projects — it’s very different. Maybe they’re alluding to the vocal style that I use, but I guess that’s just what naturally comes out of me. To do an extreme metal record is something that is well within my capacity as a musician to write stuff out of the box, write stuff that’s probably more extreme than the band I’m in at the present time, and it’s something that needs to come out of me one way or another. The two songs of mine that are on this split are some of the more straightforward, and honestly, tame in comparison to what the full-length will offer. So I guess I’m really glad that you think it’s any good at all. I appreciate that much of it, and there’s plenty more to come.”

Crave Online: What about this really comes across as tame? I’m not hearing tame in this at all.

Anselmo: “It’s true. The full-length really touches on a lot of the same stuck-in-my-room, agonizing in fucking pain, what the fuck do I do besides bounce off these fucking walls? But I may touch on some other interior things that I’d like to put into plainer words, but it’s best that it comes out in music. Because it can get kind of ugly or might be taken the wrong way, so I guess it’s kind of like the freedom of having the stage to vent as one platform without harming anyone else’s reputation or integrity in music. But as far as subject matter, it’s not the be-all-end-all. I’ve got so much fucking material to sort through that I did get recorded, and there’s about three songs that I haven’t even touched vocally yet. I’m just sitting back to see how these songs, and the full-length down the road — we’re aiming for early summer release — run. Not everything’s been tapped, subject-wise. There’s a lot of irons in the fire, a lot to cover.”

Crave Online: We talked a year and a half ago about a lot of it being informed by the pain in your back…

Anselmo: “Not just the back, now. It’s my whole fucking body. I’ve destroyed this fucking skeleton. So let’s clarify, and make sure I’m the Evel Kneivel of fucking goddamn metal. I think anyone who suffers from chronic pain can agree with this — you feel this great significance. What I wanted to capture was that significance, and as a matter of fact, I think that’s one of the lyrics on “Confict”, on the split. I touch on the significance, and really it’s a selfish thing, in an offbeat way. But you can only exist as far as your mind will allow you to exist, and I think chronic pain will stop time dead in its tracks. You feel like you’re the only one, and how unfair it is, and a million different feel-sorry-for-yourself-type feelings. In my better sense of mind, I know that I’m far from alone and far from the worst, and the earth keeps spinning. Everything keeps moving, with or without me. So I guess a lot of these songs are very selfishly hedonistic/defeatist attitude. But between you and I and the readers, there is no quit here at the Anselmo camp. But sometimes especially within these songs, you gotta get this whole fuckin’ bad day, bad week, bad whatever off the fucking chest, you know?”

Read the full interview here

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Metal Insider recently conducted an interview with Philip Anselmo (DOWN, PANTERA) and Bruce Corbitt (RIGOR MORTIS, WARBEAST) about “War Of The Gargantuas”, a split EP featuring two previously unreleased WARBEAST songs and our first taste of Anselmo’s solo material.

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Queen drummer Roger Taylor plans to release brand new solo material in 2013.

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According to, QUEEN drummer Roger Taylor plans to release brand new solo material in 2013 and he wants to involve the public in the choices of which tracks make it onto the album.

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