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Fan-filmed video footage of British heavy metal vocalist Blaze Bayley‘s (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) entire March 8 performance at the Underworld in London, England can be seen below.

Blaze‘s “Soundtracks Of My Life” tour will see him play 33 gigs in 40 days in 15 countries, celebrating Bayley‘s 30 years in the industry.

Bayley released a career-spanning double-disc collection, “Soundtracks Of My Life”, on October 31, 2013.

Metal Mind Productions recently released the two-CD version of Blaze Bayley‘s “Alive In Poland” (previously available only as part of the limited-edition “Alive In Poland” DVD) in Europe and North America.

“Alive In Poland” was recorded in Poland in April 2007 during the 21st edition of Metalmania festival in Katowice, Poland. It features a fantastic, over-one-and-a-half-hour show during which Blaze presented the best tracks from his discography, as well as select tracks from IRON MAIDEN (“Man On The Edge”, “Futureal”).

Bayley‘s latest studio album, “The King Of Metal”, was released in March 2012. The CD was recorded at Fear Studio in Ravenna, Italy.

The 50-year-old Bayley, who was born in Birmingham, was the original frontman in WOLFSBANE, but left in 1994 to replace Bruce Dickinson as the lead singer of IRON MAIDEN.

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Metalville has set an October 4 release date for “Stairway To Hell”, the new CD + DVD from reunited hard rockers UGLY KID JOE. The set contains the band’s latest EP, “Stairway To Hell”, which was originally released independently last summer, plus three bonus acoustic tracks and a special bonus DVD, including the 2012 Download festival concert, two new video clips and a “making-of” segment.

“Stairway To Hell” enhanced reissue track listing:

01. Devil’s Paradise
02. You Make Me Sick
03. No One Survives
04. I’m Alright
05. Love Ain’t True
06. Another Beer
07. Cat’s In The Cradle (acoustic version)
08. Would You Like To Be There (acoustic version)
09. No One Survives (acoustic version)

The video for the song “I’m Alright” can be seen below.

“Stairway To Hell” heralds UGLY KID JOE‘s return, containing songs spanning the full repertoire of influences which made the band one of the prime soundtracks for young snowboarders, surfers, keggers and characters worldwide. Whether it’s “Devil’s Paradise”, with its hypnotic riffery and hook line, grooving and grinding its hips seductively, the melodic power-fueled darkness of “No One Survives” or the irrepressibly memorable chug-and-chorus of “I’m Alright” it’s clear that UGLY KID JOE have everything they started with plus fatter chops and a (frankly) superior curve on songwriting.

UGLY KID JOE frontman Whitfield Crane told Neuweltmusic, “17 years ago, we were excited to prove ourselves with our new, heavy music. Sometimes we’d leave ‘Cat’s In The Cradle’ or ‘Everything About You’ out of the set. That was understandable in the sense of wanting to prove ourselves — it was also childish. It drove me crazy, but now it’s all good. Now we embrace both our sides. They’re part of our dynamic and our history.”

UGLY KID JOE released three full-length albums and toured extensively throughout the 1990s before disbanding in 1997.

The epicenter of UGLY KID JOE is Crane, a wonderfully cathartic wrecking ball of rock ‘n’ roll energy as it used to be served, on the rocks with no need for tonic. He’s joined by long-time co-conspirators, Klaus Eichstadt and Dave Fortman (guitars) as well as Cordell Crockett (bass) and Shannon Larkin (drums.) Several members have built pretty substantial resumes during UGLY KID JOE‘s break. Fortman produced albums by EVANESCENCE, SLIPKNOT and MUDVAYNE, while Larkin hit the skins for multi-platinum-sellers GODSMACK.

Asked what the catalyst was in bringing the band back together, Crane told, “I never thought it would go down personally, but Dave was producing a band called GODSMACK and in that band there’s a magnificent drummer called Shannon Larkin who, of course, is the UGLY KID JOE drummer, so basically you had Dave Fortman producing Shannon‘s band, and those guys were just talking and having a good time. I guess they talked about it and called Klaus, my best friend and guitar player of UGLY KID JOE, they said, ‘Hey, man, we should make some music.’ Klaus shot me a call and asked me if I wanna play some heavy metal music, and obviously I said yes.”

Regarding why UGLY KID JOE split up in the first place, Crane said: “In late ’96 and January ’97 when we officially spilt, no one was into it; you could feel the wind out of the sails. We were sick of each other and we had the courage to leave. It’s okay to leave a toxic situation. So that said, fast forward 16 years later, and everyone wants to be in the room, we’re excited to be around each other and be creative. We’ve all gone off and done this myriad of stuff, some of us are married and have kids, so now we’re armed with all these various experiences and it’s really exciting and cathartic in some sense. We didn’t know how it would work out, if we would get any shows, and being asked how we feel about being able to support ALICE COOPER [on a recent U.K. tour], we [were] blown away.”

“I’m Alright” video:


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British heavy metal singer Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) will release a career-spanning double-disc collection, “Soundtracks Of My Life”, on October 31.

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British heavy metal singer Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) will release a career-spanning double-disc collection, “Soundtracks Of My Life”, on October 31.

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British heavy metal singer Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) will release a career-spanning double disc collection, “Soundtracks Of My Life”, on October 31.

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Amit and Steve get spooky. Not this week, though.


Podcast favourites Amit and Steve talk about the upcoming CLUTCH tour, Gary Holt sticking with Exodus and the Heavy Metal Truants ride for charity. We also review Erlen Meyer’s debut record (it’s a scorcher) and questions about festivals, black metal, dream lineups, soundtracks etc.

ps. Merlin is away

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“Sound City” was entertaining on several levels and had one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a movie I a long time.

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Italian rock/metal band EchoTime announced that the band’s debut LP will be entitled “Genuine.” The album is scheduled for release in December through logic(il)logic Records, the exact date of which was not yet revealed.

The band is inspired and influenced by artists such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Kamelot, Queen, Ronnie James Dio, Jorn Lande, Pain of Salvation, Circus Maximus and Winger. According to the press release, the band “tries to create a personal sound, different from progressive and metal cliché and contaminated by pop, rock, latin and funk styles, influenced by soundtracks from action and adventure movies, with a unique attention to arrangements and sounds. With its music, strength, energy, the costumes used to perform and the catchy atmospheres, the band involves the audience and drags it to Echotime’s world!”

Echotime are:

Alex “Kage” Cangini – Vocals
Federico “Face” Fazi – Drums
Andrea “Bana” Anastasi – Guitar
Stefano “Ego” Antonelli – Bass
Filippo ” Phil” Martignano – Keyboards

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Trent Reznor has said he would like to continue to his film score work by getting to grips with the music for more traditional Hollywood films.

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