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Nile: Cairo practice

South Carolina metal behemoths, Nile, wound their way to our shores for the first time in over two and half years to lay customary waste to the UK’s metal hordes.

Daniel Cairns was on sentry duty in Highbury, London, and not only sent back this report, but spoke to lead general Karl Sanders about the perilous effects of modern technology on the ancient arts of death metal demon-summoning. Check out the video and live review below!




SVART CROWN [8] are yet another example of just how far ahead of the pack the French are when it comes to extreme metal. They’re clearly indebted to the discordant likes of Deathspell Omega and Celeste, but they’re also adept at throwing in some beastly Gojira-style grooves too, for when you feel like a bit of a dance. There’s a good turnout for them, and their momentum will only increase. It’s a smashing set, and the bass is absolutely devastating, every thump of the instrument, eliciting a rattle in the chest. EX DEO [8] are a more simplistic and much sillier affair, but by god, they’re fun. It’s genuinely difficult to dislike any band when they come out dressed as Roman Legionnaires and sing songs about fighting and battles. It’s like a heavy metal musical version of Spartacus, without the gore and gratuitous nudity obviously, but still. There’s some excellently heavy metal posing by frontman Maurizio Iacono, as he wails stuff like ‘Hold the line’ and ‘You killed my father’. There’s a fantastic response from the Garage crowd, fists bumping in unison.

NILE [9] come out to an intro track that isn’t a million miles away from the theme of ex-WWE wrestler Goldberg, before going on the warpath. Basically, they sound absolutely devastating tonight. Messrs Sanders and Toller Wade know it too, as a giant, shit-eating grin spreads across Karl’s face constantly. They’re excellent on record obviously, but seeing them live is a different matter altogether. Their mummified, balls to the wall, death metal attack is jaw-dropping in its sheer smothering brutality, even invoking a completely un-ironic throwing up of the metal horns. Highlights include a churning, vicious sounding Sarcophagus and Ithyphalic, featuring the unlikely singalong, ‘Anoint my phallus with the blood of the fallen’. Lovely stuff.

Check out Nile’s Homepage here.

And their Facebook page here.

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Blast Head Records is proud to announce the signing of Ancient Roman death metal band Ade for the spring release of sophomore album “Spartacus,” which features extreme metal drummer George Kollias and will be the follow-up to the 2009 debut “Prooemivm Sangvine.” Paul Shaw, owner of Blast Head Records, comments: “When I first listened to ‘Spartacus’ I was instantly intrigued by the amazing song structures, production and most importantly the musicianship of ADE! From start to finish ‘Spartacus’ grips you with musical hooks and their use of traditional Roman instruments allows you hear something new with every listen. The album is very powerful, memorable and in all honesty is a major contender for album of the year! I am beyond proud to have ADE on Blast Head Records to showcase their talents to the world!” This single “Duelling The Shadow of Spartacus” is now streaming below. The album’s track listing is as follows: 1.

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Blast Head Records has announced the signing of ADE for the spring release of the ancient Roman death metal band’s sophomore album, “Spartacus”.

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California’s Liberteer has premiered a brand new track titled “I Am Spartacus” online through Metal Sucks. The song is available online here.

“I Am Spartacus” is taken off the band’s debut “Better To Die on Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees.” Relapse Records issued the following statement about Liberteer:

“The creation of Matthew Widener (CRETIN, CITIZEN), Liberteer is a manifestation of total anarchy, driven by an incendiary lyrical message designed to burn the system down! The band’s debut album will see it’s release on January 31st of 2012 via Relapse Records. Pre-orders are available now at this location.”

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Spartacus Brown of Swigged! conducted an interview with Matt Kean and Lee Malia of U.K.

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