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Brazil’s A Ilha Do Metal web site recently conducted an interview with British vocalist Tony Mills (TNT, SHY). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

A Ilha Do Metal: You’ve been with TNT since 2006 as its vocalist, but some weeks ago you announced that you are leaving the band. What are the main reasons that led you to make this decision?

Tony Mills: There are a few reasons I left the band last month, but they all sort of stack up to the same thing. I’m very keen to write and enjoy recording new material that I get a kick out of and with other people that enjoy themselves too, during that process. TNT has shown little interest in writing new material in the last three years and the live show has remained the same during that time, to the point of stagnation. I really feel that I have a lot to get out of my system and every time I sit down to write, I find myself on a flight to some island in the middle of nowhere to play a show and then I have to get back into focus again three days later. So I thought it was time for no more interruptions and time to do what I wanted to do for a change. The focus in the press on TNT is very much about the guitarist and there is never any communication from him within the band, unless it’s a notification of his unavailability, so, there being little in the way of team spirit, coerced me to move on.

A Ilha Do Metal: Your latest album is a compilation with mostly non-TNT songs from the members. Any fan response on that one?

Tony Mills: There being no great desire to co-write together anymore drove the business end of the company to want to release a product that maintained the profile of the band in between live shows, so each member was asked to submit material that was either previously unreleased or remastered as its own, “Hidden Treasure”, which we did.

A Ilha Do Metal: “The Hidden Treasure” album was given away free with a magazine, you also had a bundling of your last studio album, “Engine/A Farewell To Arms”, with your own book/magazine on the newsstand. Other artists like Prince have also done similar things. What do you think of these alternative methods of distribution? Do they work as intended, reaching a possibly larger audience?

Tony Mills: They only really get pressed within the circulation of the magazine, whether it is one or five or ten thousand; in this case the amount is under debate. I think maybe three thousand were pressed, probably no more. The distribution works well, because it sits alongside regular magazine distribution in every news stand in the street and gas stations, but it goes along the way the rest of the record market has gone, with its loss of credibility as a proper record release, since the demise of commercial releases through record companies and their traditional promotion after the download renaissance.

A Ilha Do Metal: This year TNT played at the Monsters Of Cruise 2013 in the U.S. with many other classic hard rock bands. Can you tell us about how this experience was for you?

Tony Mills: It was an arduous journey to Florida through seventeen hours of flights and connections, but the first show was a great experience and a very consistent performance with our normal concerts in Norway. After a night in the air-conditioned cabin on the boat, I woke up to no voice for the second show, which hasn’t happened to me for many years and consequently, the second show was less than memorable. All in all, it was a great learning curve and something I should be aware of in the future having never done it before; but the fans were great and I cherished meeting a lot of great people during that time.

A Ilha Do Metal: Besides TNT, you always kept some side projects. How did you reconcile them with the band? How is the composition process for them?

Tony Mills: Everyone in TNT has always ran side projects and worked around the band’s schedule; that has never really been an issue. I have only ever really written work for each specific project apart from SERPENTINE in the U.K., where I had unreleased material that suited their catalogue and they were very receptive toward the songs.

Read the entire interview at A Ilha Do Metal.

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Mesopotamian black/thrash pioneers MELECHESH are hard at work on pre-production for the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2010 album, “The Epigenesis”. In addition, the band has parted ways with longtime guitarist and close friend Moloch and drummer Xul. Moloch had officially been out of MELECHESH for eight months while he has been focusing on his academic career.

While it is still to be announced who will fill the drumming position, Moloch will be replaced by new guitarist Sirius (pictured below).

MELECHESH mainman Ashmedi and bass player/backing vocalist Scorpiros will debut the new lineup on the stage late fall early winter 2013 during the band’s North American tour.

Commented Ashmedi: “I talked with Moloch and asked him maybe it is better he is no longer a part of MELECHESH because we needed to have an active guitar player. He fully agreed and was thinking the exact same thing. He is one of my best friends but this has to do with MELECHESH and music — nothing else. In fact, we will be hanging out soon in Jerusalem and catching up. He is always welcome to come jam or do a guest appearance. Like I said, this man is one of the closest people to me personally. We are literally family. I wish the best of luck for his new and interesting Journey.

“A couple of weeks ago I did what I was considering for a while: I asked Xul to leave. In the past, I thought such things are impossible, but you know what, family , companies, governments, kingdoms all go through changes. In a naive or a romantic way, we all think change is not good in such cases. On the contrary, it could be extremely vital for the longevity of music. What I am trying to say is I made these decisions for the sole purpose of improving the music and preventing stagnation. I was not happy with the status quo, so I had to do something about it. I wish Xul the best of luck I am certain he enjoyed this ride which was a good learning experience for everyone. Anyway I don’t worry about him as he plays in several other bands, so it’s all good.

“I am a very loyal person — anyone with over two brain cells knows this (the ones with one brain cells do not get it…) — but my focus and priority is the well being and progress of MELECHESH.

“You can also hear some of Aybar‘s (Sirius) work on the soundtrack of the movie ‘The Last Will And Testament Of Rosalind Leigh’ where he did the entire soundtrack for this film.”


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Walking Corpse Syndrome, which features two drummers and a violin player among its ranks, has posted a new video clip online of the band recording scratch tracks to prepare for the studio, where the new album, codenamed Album: Epsilon, will be recorded. This new release will follow the band’s last full-length “Narcissist” (reviewed here).

The band also previously commented about recruiting a new vocalist:

“Walking Corpse Syndrome is pleased to announce our new vocalist. Please welcome Lief Winterrowd to the Corpse Walker Family. Lief is a Montana native who formerly sang with the Missoula-based band, Mageddon. He passed a rigorous audition process, suffering gallantly through many strange and mystical initiations to be found compatible and pure of spirit and body.

“We know that there is going to be an adjustment period. We had previously announced the band is going through a metamorphosis period. We know we’ll lose some fans with our changes and to those fans we say, ‘Thank you for all the great moments.’

“But we believe the best is yet to come. We’re writing new music. We’re only going to keep about half of the old songs, but with different titles and lyrics.

“We understand some people will be upset that we’re keeping the name Walking Corpse Syndrome even with all of these changes. Walking Corpse Syndrome started out as an idea before it was ever a band. Walking Corpse Syndrome is a fight against stagnation, pushing yourself past your limits, shedding your tired old skin to be reborn as something new and wonderful.

“We hope that you’ll choose to continue with us on this journey.”

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Behemoth has wrapped up the band’s first string of shows following Nergal’s recovery from leukemia, which he was diagnose with last year. Nergal comments:

“The word became flesh. We are back and we’re back for good. Seven shows across Poland was a much needed morale boost for our camp. We have proven to ourselves that we can come back in an even more splendorous way than ever before! All the concerts turned out better than expected, most of venues were sold out and, despite my throat infection, we managed to pulled off the last three shows in Warsaw, Torun and Lodz. I’m back home and I’m recovering now…and I’m happy. Simple as that.

“Behemoth would love to hail all the fans that made this tour so great! Our friends: Mystic Production, Witching Hour Prod., Przemek, Kapral, Piotr, Adam, Mr. Groszek, Lubawa, Bartek Was, Piro…your dedication and professionalism can’t be underrated! I’d like to thank Blindead and Morowe for keeping the variety and quality on the bill. Great people, great bands!

“Also, we’d like to show our utmost respect to the rectors of Universities (who own few of the venues we played) who decided to let the shows happen under the strong pressure from religious groups that were trying to ban and cancel the tour. We always love to see when intelligence wins over superstition and stagnation. Hail Freedom!

“Now we are taking some time off before striking back on the stages of Poland (Krakow, Rzeszow and Szczecin) in January and Europe (co-headlining tour with Cannibal Corpse) early next year! Soon we’re gonna reveal super exciting news about Spring American tour! We are taking the world by storm again! Just watch!”

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