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Linkin Park: game for it

Linkin Park have been locked in the studio working on a new studio album, and it looks like it’s packing a few surprises.

The band announced earlier this year that they were getting cracking on the follow-up to 2012′s Living Things, with Mike Shinoda recently suggesting that we might see it surface by the time they rock up to Download in June.

Now guitarist Brad Delson says that shred-happy LP warriors (erm, are there any of those?) will be very satisfied with the way the new opus is turning out.

“There’s a lot of guitar solos on the album!” he tells Music Radar. “And this is from someone who was quoted early on as saying I hated them. Not that I hated them as a listener; I just don’t want to play any; I shirked guitar solos. Early on, I felt as though the songs we were making aesthetically didn’t want them. This new batch of songs, to me, always want solos. I feel like every song has one.”

Brad also explained why the band decided to drop a new single so soon after announcing that they were in the studio, noting: “We wanted to get music out sooner than later. The timing just felt right with this song. We finished two songs relatively early in the process, and Guilty All The Same seems to inform the spirit of the record. For us, it’s the perfect lead offering to set the tone for the album as a whole.”

Expect that album to land around summer time. In the mean time, catch the rock heavyweights playing their seminal Hybrid Theory debut in full at Download in June.

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German metal act Atrocity posted a Q&A with drummer Joris Nijenhuis, where he discussed the new album “Okkult.” The album trilogy begins with part one on December 21, 2012, which is also the start of the global treasure hunt when one track from each of the three releases will be hidden within three continents starting with Europe in 2013.

The Q&A with Nijenhuis reads as follows:

Q: “How was it to record the new songs of ATROCITY?

“It’s very cool that I could finally play on a new Atrocity album. I joined the band in December 2011 and the drum recording sessions took place in the summer time for the new ‘Okkult’ album, so that’s pretty quick. I’m especially looking forward to play these songs live, so i can perform the songs on stage which I play on the ‘Okkult’ album myself.”

Q: “How was your stay at Mastersound Studio, how did you like the the studio and to work with the Alex and the guys over there?

“The Mastersound studio is a very nice place to stay. The location is amazing and if you want to eat schnitzels, the XXL schnitzel place is pretty close to the studio. We usually start every morning with coffee and pretzels. After that I start warming up and then we start recording, sometimes till late in the evening.

“Working with Alex, Sander and Tosso is always very relaxed. I’m usually my own worst enemy with recording, I’m almost never satisfied with a take, there are always a few small things I’m not happy about. So sometimes it’s hard but I’m quite happy with the final results.”

Q: “What can the fans expect from the new material?

“The new material is more brutal and darker then the last few Atrocity albums. I would compare it to the old Atrocity classics of the 90’s or ‘Atlantis’ but then better and more diverse. You can expect brutal drums and vocals, great riffs, very cool guitar soli and big bombastic orchestral parts with Horror-like atmosphere.”

Q: “What are your favorite songs?

” ‘Masaya (Boca Del Infierno)’ is one the most brutal songs on the album. It’s a death metal song with lots of Double bass, bombblasting, fast fills, and in the middle a really cool groovy part.

“‘Pandemonium’ is Atrocity’s new masterpiece, a very epic song with some really brutal blastbeats and huge sounding orchestra parts. This is probably gonna be a new favorite Atrocity song for a lot of people, especially for fans of ‘Reich of Phenomena’ and ‘Apocalypse’!!

“My 3rd favorite song is ‘Murder Blood Assassination.’ Also a very diverse song which is really cool to play. Drummingwise this song has got everything you need in a metal song, double bass, blastbeats and really cool fills. I’m looking forward to play this one live.”

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Veteran Mexican power/thrash metal band Agony Lords is on the verge of releasing its new album “A Tomb for the Haunted,” which marks its return to the scene after a long absence. The Guanajuato band had split up in 1999 after a few albums, and not counting the 2008 reissue of “The Sun of the Cursed” this marks its first new material in nearly fifteen years. Listen to that documentary, “The Band Speaks,” below. The documentary was filmed and produced by Intermedia and Agony Lords should be unleashing “A Tomb for the Haunted” by summer time.

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Long-running California grindcore act PHOBIA has issued the following update:

“We will be releasing a documentary of a compiled footage from a couple tours and some blast from the past, interviews, shows, party time, bad times and not-feeling-so-good times! We are working with some close friends and hopefully will be released summer time!!! Any name suggestions let us know, it’s for the fans!

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