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Polish black/death metallers Devilish Impressions are headlining the “Fear No Gods Of The East Tour 2013,” which will roll over the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia plus Kaliningrad), Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The band has now checked in with the following road report: “Hell(o) there! The war is on, tanks sent on the road! So far the gig in Kaliningrad was the tour’s highlight with extremely warm welcome of both fans and the show’s promoters. On the other hand, yesterday in Alytus we’ve played the smallest show ever

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Yeah ya do. Awesome online MMO game World Of Tanks is bringing out the Big Guns in the capital today, rolling through London with an actual real tank.

You can see this CVRT Sabre in the flesh on this route between 12pm and 1pm today, before finishing up at the address below at 1 so you can get a proper look:

89 Whitfield Street
W1t 4HQ

We’ll have our snapper down there, so grab a photo with the tank and we’ll have it live on the site later! Lovely.

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The nominees for this year’s Metal As Fuck award are…

Zoltan Bathroy (Five Finger Death Punch)




Nik Kai

And the winner is… Anthrax!

After an epic comeback with last year’s fantastic Worship Music, tonight’s headliners also slew Hammerfest in March and Download on Sunday. We’re stoked to have them here and wouldn’t doubt their metal pedigree for a second. Congrats, boys!

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Guitarist Rasmus Henriksen of Denmark based metal act Panzerchrist has checked in with the following brief announcement about deciding to leave the band:

“After 9 years, I have decided to leave Panzerchrist to pursue other projects. I wish the rest of the band the best of luck in the future. Tanks for a lot of good times.”

Information on any future projects departed guitarist Rasmus Henriksen is involved with will be announced as details are made available.

Panzerchrist signed to Listenable Records for the release of the “Regiment Ragnarok” album earlier this year, and you can check out the band’s music via Facebook.

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Amazing the fun you can have with an exposure still. Could there be a more stripped way to convey fear while doing it in cheeky fashion? Say what you will, these creepy little kids wearing Venom tanks on Possessed are freaking unnerving. Call ’em Children of the Goddamned.

The original cut of Possessed was as naked, stark and intentionally banal as its cover. Venom made a lark out of satanism and this cover is just as smarmy as “Hellchild” or “Satanachrist” from the album. I’ve always wondered who’s kids took the honor for this shot and what they’re like now as adults.

Parody and jokes aside, this cover is fucked up, metally-speaking.

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In two weeks’ time the new Tank album, War Machine, will be released.

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According to Colombia Reports, some 1,500 police will be employed to stand guard at the site during tonight’s (Wednesday, March 10) METALLICA concert in Bogota’s Simon Bolivar park, as well as four tanks and several police trucks, reported El Espectador.

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