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Relapse Records has announced the signing of New York City avant-garde, technical death metal quartet PYRRHON (pronounced “peer-on”). The band’s sophomore album, “The Mother Of Virtues’, will be released in early 2014.

Formed in 2008, PYRRHON released one EP (“Fever Kingdoms”, 2010) and one LP (“An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master”, 2011) via The Path Less Traveled Records and Selfmadegod Records, respectively.

A nightmarish blend of clanging death metal with surreal psychedelic elements, jazz rhythms, and delirious storytelling, “The Mother Of Virtues” was tracked and mixed by Ryan Jones (TODAY IS THE DAY, MUTILATION RITES, WETNURSE) at Saint Vitus Bar and The Sound City in Brooklyn in May and June 2013. The record was then mastered by Colin Marston (KRALLICE, GORGUTS) at The Thousand Caves Studios in Brooklyn in August 2013.

Vocalist Doug Moore commented on the signing: “When I was 15, I bought a copy of Relapse‘s ‘Contaminated 5.0’ sampler CD. Through it, I encountered SUFFOCATION, NEUROSIS, PIG DESTROYER, HUMAN REMAINS, and countless other great bands for the first time.

“We are thrilled and honored to work with a label whose output has done so much to drive metal forward, and which has meant so much to all four of us over the years.”

PYRRHON quickly became known for its mind-bending live show, playing with such notable acts as MISERY INDEX, HATE ETERNAL, ORIGIN, TOMBS, LITURGY, CANNABIS CORPSE, BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS and INTER ARMA.

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Today is the day As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has been dreading. He will attend a preliminary hearing to determine if the prosecution in his case has enough evidence to warrant a trial. Lambesis was arrested on May 7th for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his wife. The supposed hitman ended up being an …

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Black Market Activities will release Phantom Glue’s new album, “A War of Light Cones,” this coming July 16th. Phantom Glue’s second album, and first for BMA, was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio (Torche, Today Is The Day). Ballou’s connection to Phantom Glue dates back to the 90’s when he and Matt Oates were band mates in The Huguenots.

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Today Is The Day has confirmed the expansion of the band’s rigorous North American tour, today announcing a torrent of additional cities to fall under audio siege this Spring. With additional shows booked in many new U.S. cities and a surge of newly-confirmed dates throughout Canada, Today Is The Day also announces additional support from hardcore henchmen Ringworm, and math/sludge metal practitioners Keelhaul on several dates

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Converge: definitely not stadium rock

Converge lay the London Koko to waste, we send Metal Hammer Podcast host Steve Hill to see it all happen. He came back in one piece and sent us this review….

Even Nostradamus could never have predicted a band with such a fiercely independent spirit, so used to the grim, glamour-less grind of punk rock touring, raised on DIY Hardcore ethics and tiny basement shows in vile, crust filled clubs as Converge would ever sell out a pristine, vaudeville music hall like Camden’s Koko. That they have is a testament to a constant commitment to making their thrilling and visceral music so difficult to ignore.

First though Storm Of Light wow the early birds with an assault on the senses, both visually and aurally. A huge screen at the back of the stage dwarfs them and fills the venue with dizzying Technicolor images to accompany their sludgy post-rock. They take all the bits that you love from The Melvins, Mastodon, Today Is The Day and Neurosis and bang it out with eye-ball popping intensity. Well worth checking out.

Touche Amore receive a welcome that would befit the headline band and do an admiral job of warming up the crowd for what is to come, but they lack the depth and weight of SOL and seem fairly lightweight in comparison. Not that there is anything wrong with any of the set per-se; all the elements are in place, it’s just that it seems a bit anaemic. Bands like Propagandhi and Strike Anywhere perfected this style of super intense Melodic Hardcore over a decade ago and Touche Amore strain for, but never quite reach, their standard. That said, the crowd go nuts and they leave to a deafening cheer. So they’re obviously doing something right.

You could count on no fingers the things that Converge have done wrong in their career. The most original, surprising and consistent band to emerge from the hardcore scene in the last twenty years, possibly ever, are on supreme form tonight. Despite the grandiose surroundings, Jacob Bannon and Co wander on and plug in as if it’s just another day in the rehearsal room and plough straight into a teeth rattling opening double of Concubine and Dead Horse. When this band are in full flow it is quite something to behold, undoubtedly punk but far more spiteful and intense than any Green Day or Clash clone could ever dream of. Whether it’s the slower, more brooding numbers like Worms Will Feed or their thrashier, more brutal cuts such as Hellbound, the quality never drops and it rapidly becomes clear that Converge have a back catalogue to rival almost any scene veterans you would care to mention. The standard of musicianship is quite something, too – not something you would usually associate with punk pock – in particular drummer Ben Koller, who puts in a powerhouse performance of brute force and dexterity, but also from Nate Newton’s rumbling low-end bass and Kurt Ballou’s shredding, screaming guitar. They leave for the first time with an extended and savage version of You Fail Me, which would be enough to satisfy most people.

That they then return and close the night with an incredible rendition of Last Light that is so heavy, so powerful and so dizzying that it terrifies even the most rabid fan and then walk off as if nothing has even happened is all the evidence you need to know Converge are a genuinely life-changing force of nature. Twenty years into their career they are peerless. It may be a surprise to see them become as big as they have but, good god, what a lovely surprise it is. Next time they come back you really should be there, be it smelly club or gleaming arena, it will be fucking epic. Quite frankly you don’t need to be Nostradamus to predict that.

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Gallows: Wading into new wat-ah forget it.

The UK Hardcore scene is in frighteningly rude health at the moment, which is why it maybe seems slightly confusing to see the band that originally blew the scenes doors wide open to a larger market headlining in such an intimate venue as The Underworld. Not that those inside are grumbling, as this three-band bill is of such undoubted quality that getting to see it so up close and personal makes it even more of a mouth-watering prospect in reality than on paper.

For the early birds there is a brutal wake-up call from Brotherhood Of The Lake, clearly the odd band out on this bill, they play a form of hardcore that owes little/nothing to Agnostic Front, Everytime I Die or Minor Threat, instead concentrating on creating a bleak, dense, pitch black wall of sound more reminiscent of Burnt By The Sun, Today Is The Day, Unsane and, at points, Alice In Chains. Fantastic, but frightening.

To follow that you’d have to be crazy or incredible. Feed The Rhino are both of those things and more. Greeted with respect and familiarity they leave eliciting the same response as you would expect from the headline band. It would probably be easier to list the things that DON’T happen during their set; guitars are thrown, bodies are flung, life and limbs are risked and at the centre of it all stands frontman Lee Tobin, half Iggy Pop, half that bloke screaming about the end of the world in a bus shelter with piss on his shoes, in the crowd, on the crowd, splitting the crowd, making them sit down, jump up and go nearly as mental as he does. The tunes match the insanity with the likes of The Burning Sons and Nothing Lost cut from the same cloth as Vision Of Disorder at their finest.

Gallows, clearly, have something to prove by picking those supports. They’ve had something to prove ever since Wade MacNeil popped himself into the previously owned shoes of one F Carter esquire. Tonight it is proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are one of the finest bands this country has produced in the last ten years, whoever is holding the microphone. They launch straight into Misery at a thousand miles an hour and barely stop for breath for the next hour. Only six songs from the original lineup’s back catalogue remain and, while it’s always a pleasure to hear Belly Of A Shark or London Is The Reason, it’s fantastic to see just how good new material like Outsider Art and Vapid Adolescent Blues sound and, more importantly, the rabid response it incites from the sold out crowd. They end with Orchestra Of Wolves, the crowd onstage and the band in the crowd, and it’s pretty obvious that, although many of their original fans may have abandoned ship, this is still a band that you need in your life.

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Enabler: Soundtrack to your Apocalypse

Rage. Aggression. Filth. When the world seems to be filled with bands with little to say and every last speck of dirt removed from their fingernails, we need purveyors of scabrous brutality like Milwaukee’s Enabler more than ever. One listen to the band’s debut full-length All Hail The Void should convince you that the channeling of mortal frustrations and the exploration of the planet’s darkest shadows have been mastered and brought vividly to sonic life by men with unwavering conviction driving them forward.

“The music that I make, as well as a lot of the music that I’m a fan of, comes naturally from a general frustration at the way that society forces us to lead our lives,” explains frontman and founder Jeff Lohrber. “It’s important to be creative with your anger and turn it into something positive, rather than resort to violence. The world can be a very cruel and unfair place, and this is my way of dealing with it.”

Originally planned as a solo venture, Enabler grew out of Jeff’s disenchantment with what he calls “the void of creativity” inherent in his previous career as a drummer-for-hire with numerous underground heroes including Today Is The Day, Shai Hulud and Trap Them. Although his own band bears superficial similarities to some of the music he has performed in the past, All Hail The Void’s fiery blend of vicious hardcore punk and pulverising metallic sludge is entirely his own unique creation, albeit one where his skills behind the kit regularly come into play.

“My experiences as a drummer undoubtedly have affected Enabler,” he states. “I am the songwriter and the frontman of this band, and essentially the only irreplaceable member. In the songwriting aspect of the band, my sense of rhythm is definitely shown. It cuts out a lot of the extra time that a band has to spend working with a drummer, and makes Enabler a more efficient band.”

Although songs like Fuck Today and No Deliverance point to a doggedly misanthropic and godless worldview, Jeff Lohrber is eager to point out that Enabler are not at war with religion. Instead, All Hail The Void aims to express its author’s irritation at the duplicity and intolerance he sees all around him. Mission accomplished, then.

“I have no problems with faith. Faith is for yourself and should not affect anyone around you,” he says. “Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if most Christians were accepting of other cultures, like how their saviour tried to teach them?”

All Hail The Void is out now via Southern Lord

Interview by Dom Lawson

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Hivesmasher, which was covered in the Boston edition of our Unearthing the Metal Underground column, has now issued the following announcement about signing with Black Market Activities:

“So, you’ve probably heard the news by now. We have been signed to the wonderful and spectacular Black Market Activities Records. We couldn’t be happier to be part of a family that in the business of music because they ACTUALLY love music (instead of how many hits we have on Friendster).

“We’re also excited to be on the same label as the guys in Fit For An Autopsy, Today Is The Day, The Network,, Ed Gein, The Abominable Iron Sloth, Gaza, and so many others. Thanks to Guy and Curran for giving us a shot the opportunity to musically assault everyone, everywhere.

“Be on the lookout for Gutter Choir which is going to drop on October 23! In the meantime, we’ll be announcing the pre-order details which will include the album, and additional goodies on behalf of IndieMerch. 2012/13 will be getting wicked weird. You’re not safe.”

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Pitchfork today presents the premiere of Gaza’s new song “The Vipers,” taken off the band’s third album “No Absolutes in Human Suffering.” Check out the track at this location.

“No Absolutes in Human Suffering” was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou (Torche, Today Is the Day). The CD release is set for August 28th on Black Market Activities, with a vinyl release to follow, and the album is now available digitally via iTunes. The track listing is as follows:

1) Mostly Hair and Bones Now
2) This We Celebrate
3) The Truth Weighs Nothing
4) Not With All the Hope in the World
5) The Vipers
6) No Absolutes in Human Suffering
7) The Crown
8) When They Beg
9) Winter in Her Blood
10) Skull Trophy
11) Routine and Then Death

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Comments No Comments » is presenting the exclusive premiere of “Not with All the Hope in the World,” a song off Gaza’s upcoming third album, “No Absolutes in Human Suffering.” Check out the song at this location.

NPR’s Lars Gotrich calls Gaza, “the musical equivalent of a panther rattling a barbed-wire cage” and goes on to praise the new album’s incorporation of melody by saying “the band’s blast-beaten hooks lure as much as they devastate.”

“No Absolutes in Human Suffering” was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou (Torche, Today Is the Day). The album is now available digitally via iTunes and the CD release is set for August 28th on Black Market Activities, with a vinyl release to follow.

Gaza hits the road tomorrow for a headlining West Coast tour with Eagle Twin, including a stop at the Power of the Riff Festival in LA.

Aug 1 – Idaho Falls, ID @ The Wax House
Aug 2 – Boise, ID @ The Boise Venue
Aug 3 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Aug 4 – Portland, OR @ Backspace Cafe
Aug 5 – Chico, CA @ Origami Recording Lounge
Aug 6 – Reno, NV @ Ryan’s Saloon & Broiler
Aug 7 – San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
Aug 8 – Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center
Aug 10 – San Diego, CA @ Kensington Club
Aug 11 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex (Power of the Riff Festival)
Aug 12 – Phoenix, CA @ Chaser’s Nightclub

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