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TOOL has released a statement to explaining how a misunderstanding between the band’s guitarist and a fan led to speculation that the group had completed its new studio album.

“Last night, Adam Jones, in a private conversation with fans attending the Portland TOOL concert, joked that the band’s new album was not only finished but coming out the next day,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, his off-the-cuff joke was taken out of context. Work on the forthcoming album is ongoing and as soon as it is done, trust me, we will be the first to let everyone know.”

Jones posted a message on his Twitter profile stating, “FYI, ‘The record’s done and it’s coming out tomorrow’ is what I said yesterday, followed by ‘just kidding. . . ‘”

TOOL kicked off its spring tour at Veterans Memorial Arena in Spokane, Washington on Tuesday (March 4) with a two-hour collection of fan favorites but not a single new tune in sight. According to, the Los Angeles band opened its set with “Hooker With A Penis” and blasted through hits like “Vicarious”, “Schism” and “Jambi” before ending with the triple knockout of “Forty-Six & 2”, “Ænema” and “Stinkfist”.

The instrumental members of TOOL have acknowledged working on new music for a large portion of the past year, but have yet to give any sign that they are ready to hit “record.”

TOOL‘s last album, “10,000 Days”, came out in 2006. The band has toured a few times since then.

Keenan has kept himself busy with his Arizona wine-making business and his band PUSCIFER, along with doing some live work and a little new music with A PERFECT CIRCLE.

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Has TOOL singer Maynard James Keenan secretly been working on lyrics for the band’s long-awaited fifth album since the spring? According to The Pulse Of Radio, Keenan appeared on comedian Marc Maron‘s “WTF” podcast and, when asked about new TOOL music, replied, “I’m gonna stop by the rehearsal space today. In theory, having beaten them up going, ‘Please give me music, please give me music, please give me music, please give me music,’ they have a CD for me today. They’re like, ‘Look, listen to some jams so we can get this thing going.'”

What’s interesting, however, is that while the podcast was broadcast last Sunday (August 18), the interview itself was recorded in March — with Keenan even making a reference to his 49th birthday happening in April. So has Keenan been working on the new TOOL record since last March?

Keenan said he needed to hear music before he could begin to formulate lyrics, explaining, “I can’t write words ’til I hear the sounds, and I haven’t heard the sounds . . . I’ve gotta listen to the sounds and go from the sounds.”

The vocalist told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that he gets restless at TOOL‘s slower pace of doing things. “I can’t sit still, so when those guys hesitate, it takes us so long to do stuff, and it’s like a snake eating its own tail situation, ’cause then I get distracted and I go off and do a thing, and then I get blamed for not being around to do the (TOOL) thing,” he said. “But nothing was getting done when I was standing there, so I got bored and left. It’s just an endless cycle.”

To make matters more confusing, drummer Danny Carey told Loudwire in July that Keenan had not yet started working with the rest of the group, saying, “It’s still the three of us right now and four of us it will be soon.”

TOOL has not released a new album in seven years, since 2006’s “10,000 Days”.

Maynard James Keenan‘s side act, PUSCIFER, has three releases coming out in the next few months. First up is “All Re-Mixed Up”, a track-by-track remix of the band’s sophomore album, “Conditions of My Parole”. November 26 will see the release of “What Is…”, a DVD combining sketch comedy with concert performances that replicates the act’s multimedia live shows.

Finally, coming on November 29 is a limited edition concert album called “Puscifer’s 8-Ball Bail Bonds – The Berger Barns Live In Phoenix”. The nine-song live album will be available on red vinyl at independent record stores nationwide.

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To quickly recap, earlier this year we got excited when a posting on the official TOOL website hinted that perhaps the band was almost done recording a new album. Then there were injuries and frontman Maynard Kennan saying "nope, no album in 2013" but we still held out hope, until Danny Cary confirmed no new music until 2014. Ok, we can …

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We might not be getting a new TOOL album this year, but former TOOL bassist Paul D'Amour will bring new music from his project Lesser Key to the public. Lesser Key are an interesting mash-up of what I'd imagine Deftones would sound like if they were trying to be a little grittier with an added side of …

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We got really excited early this year when a posting on the official TOOL website hinted that perhaps the band was almost done recording a new album. Then there was injuries and frontman Maynard Kennan saying "nope, no album in 2013" but we still held out hope, as did drummer Danny Carey. But even Danny's lost …

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Tool: Opiate to the masses

So, remember back in Feb when Tool drummer Danny Carey said there will definitely be a new Tool album this year? And then frontman Maynard James Keenan said soon after that there were no actual songs written? Well, ol’ Danny’s piped up again with some fairly positive news, suggesting that the album looks set to be wrapped up this year, with an early 2014 release looking pretty likely.

“It’s still the three of us [Carey, guitarist Adam Jones and bassist Justin Chancellor] right now and [we will be joined by singer Maynard James Keenan] soon, you know, just working on all our parts and working on our compositions together,” he tells Loudwire. “Stylistically, we’re trying to push things in different ways, but it always comes out sounding like Tool no matter what we’re trying to do. We’re working everyday on it and it’s going really well, so I’m hoping we’ll get into the studio by the end of the year.”

“I doubt it [will be released in 2013],” he adds. “Right now, since we haven’t started tracking stuff at this point, it’ll be hard. We could have the record finished by the end of the year — that’s a possibility, but the logistics of getting it manufactured and getting the record company in line and all this stuff, I doubt we’ll be able to get it out before Christmas. We’ll see how it goes. Most likely, it’ll be early 2014.”


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We might not be getting a new Tool album this year, but that doesn't mean that drummer Danny Carey isn't getting ready to put out some new material. Later this month, expect a full album of prog jams from his side project, Volto.  Loudwire first reported on the album, which will be a jazz-fusion record with Don Henley’s …

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Tool: Opiate to the masses

This was always going to happen. Wait, actually, we’re not sure it was, but it has anyway.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star have continued their ongoing line of baby-friendly metal-inspired albums with Lullaby Versions Of Tool, out July 16 via Roma Music Group.

You can hear the following Tool classics reinterpreted for your little ones:

01. Sober
02. Right In Two
03. Vicarious
04. Lateralus
05. Parabola
06. Eulogy
07. Aenima
08. 10,000 Days
09. Stinkfist
10. Forty Six & 2
11. The Grudge
12. Schism

Audio samples of the album are available at

All together now…. “D’AAAAAAAAAAAAW!” Meanwhile, we’re still fucked if we know whether we’re actually getting a new Tool album any time soon or not.

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There will also be a new Tool album in 2013! Just kidding, but seriously get in here for the all the charity warm-heartedness that Keenan is doing. Just so we're clear, these aren't replicas or anything of Keenan's platinue records. These are seriously the ones the RIAA gave him for Tool's Undertow and A Perfect …

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Guitarist Adam Jones says they’ve changed as people, and “two really bad things” have set back progress on their new record – but they’re slowly pushing forward.

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