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The Great Southern Brainfart recently conducted an interview with Erik Danielsson of Swedish black metallers WATAIN. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Great Southern Brainfart: So I have to be honest. Aside from listening to VENOM as a kid, I was never much of a black metal fan, and then I gave you guys a listen, and I’m really intrigued with your songs and your performances.

Erik: That is really good to hear that you made that comparison. I wish I heard VENOM and WATAIN in the same sentence more often. VENOM is one of my all-time favorite bands, and I think if you have that sort of background, you might actually be able to relate to what we do as well. Musically, there might be a slight difference. VENOM are the originators of the black metal movement that we later became a part and we like carrying that torch onwards and uphold that legacy.

The Great Southern Brainfart: WATAIN seems to have more of that classic element than most of the other modern bands. Is that something that was intentional?

Erik: We never really sat down and discussed how WATAIN should sound. It’s pretty safe to say, though, that our own personal preferences, when it comes to black metal, have always been very traditional. VENOM are one of the most important bands ever to WATAIN and the same goes for bands like MERCYFUL FATE and even bands like EXCITER, RAZOR, and VOIVOD. We’ve always leaned towards bands like that in our own musical tastes when it comes to metal. I suppose our sound really comes from a mix of those bands and late-era black metal such as MAYHEM and DISSECTION and so on.

The Great Southern Brainfart: One of the things that intrigued me the most about Watain was the ritualistic approach to the live show using animal carcasses, lighting candles on a small alter and whatnot. What can you tell me about the live show and the background to this ritual?

Erik: If you play music of a diabolical nature, and the music that you perform is permeated by a sinister and infernal essence, of course, that will have to translate to the stage show as well and your appearance. It’s not a process that should be forced. It should come as a natural consequence of the music that you’re playing and the artistic work that you are doing. With WATAIN, it was very much that way and it evolved into this thing that it is. When we started playing, we already had that kind of extreme view of how a black metal live show should be like. It should look like the music sounds. That’s how it all began. The longer that WATAIN existed, the more we realized that the magical side of this band, the spiritual side began to come through and it just began to transform into a ceremonial thing rather than just a rock concert, so to say. It evolved into an event where we communicate with the forces that gave birth to this band and that have always been a part of this band. It became a time where we could let these things just come to life and be at one with them. It’s an ever-ongoing evolution and the live shows are constantly progressing. They have become something more and more severe and intense and that’s a very good thing to me. It’s a very inspiring context to work with.

The Great Southern Brainfart: When WATAIN takes this ceremony on the road, especially when touring in the southern part of the U.S., sometimes there are limits as to what you can and can’t do on the stage. When that does happen, how much of an impact does that have on the purpose of your live performance? Does it make things harder for you to do?

Erik: Yes, of course it does, but being in a band like WATAIN is always quite a challenge. When you take something as inhuman as WATAIN into the world, then, of course, things can be a bit strange. We knew since day one that we would have to face a lot of opposition because of some of the things we wanted to do. I think we’re always pretty well prepared for that to happen. Of course, it’s annoying and it makes me want to punch the living shit out of anyone who stands in our way, but we always find a way around these things. There’s always a way for the devil to come through, no matter what. It cannot be stopped. It’s just a fact and it’s been that way since the dawn of man. The devil always wins and the devil always finds his way. I think that in general, all of that opposition and all of the people who prevent us from doing what we want to do just makes us stronger. It makes us feel more proud and stronger about what we’re doing. We like to fight against the extreme and we like to go against the current. We like to be the enemy and that just fuels the fire of WATAIN and I actually appreciate that. I like touring in places especially the South because we always feel that tension and how skeptical they are but in the end we just do what the fuck we do anyway. [laughs]

Read the entire interview at The Great Southern Brainfart.

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Toxic Holocaust

Toxic Holocaust: apocalypse now

Chemistry Of Consciousness, Toxic Holocaust’s forthcoming first album in five years proves once again that thrash is at its most potent when a) you throw in a whole bunch of sonic pollutants, and b) you actually sound like some badass, nuclear-apocalypse-surviving warrior of the wastelands.

Featuring all manner of d-beats, caustic, black metal atmospheres, true punk venom and an air of genuine menace throughout, Chemistry… – released on October 25 via Relapse Records – is scabrous, coal-eyed thrash metal that that belongs more in the unholy, confrontational company of bands like Destroyer 666, Aura Noir and Nekromantheon than it does in the cleaner cut, more classicist purveyors of the form. Now head honcho Joel Grind has released the track Rat Eater like some particularly nasty flesh-ravaging virus and you can hear it exclusively right here. Thash till death! And beyond!

Check out Toxic Holocaust’s Facebook page here!

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Kataklysm have released their track Like Animals for streaming. Hear it below.

It’s taken from Waiting For The End To Come, the Canadian death metallers’ first album since 2010′s Heaven’s Venom.

They recorded it with former Neuraxis drummer Olu Beaudoin, who’s standing in for Max Dumahel while he takes time off to deal with his alcohol addiction.

Kataklysm, who appeared at Bloodstock in August, hit the UK in January for a tour with support from Fleshgod Apocalypse and Krisiun:
Jan 13: London Underworld
Jan 14: Manchester Sound Control
Jan 15: Glasgow Classic Grand
Jan 16: Belfast Voodoo
Jan 17: Dublin Button Factory
Jan 19: Bristol Bierkeller

Waiting For The End To Come tracklist

01. Fire
02. If I Was God – I’d Burn It All
03. Like Animals
04. Kill The Elite
05. Under Lawless Skies
06. Dead & Buried
07. The Darkest Days of Slumber
08. Real Blood – Real Scars
09. The Promise
10. Empire Of Dirt
11. Elevate

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Video footage of the Heavy Metal Ensemble Of Lawrence University (HMELU) performing songs by TESTAMENT, BLIND GUARDIAN, VENOM, METAL CHURCH and FINNTROLL on May 2, 2013 at at the Lawrence University Memorial Chapel in Appleton, Wisconsin can be seen below.

According to The Lawrentian, the Heavy Metal Ensemble Of Lawrence University is “a unique ensemble of twenty-two musicians which made its first appearance in 2006 and consisted of drums, guitar and low winds and then went into hiatus until current senior Calvin Armstrong revived the ensemble last school year, 2011-2012, for HMELU‘s first large group performance as well as the small group concert ‘Dopesmoker’.

“This year, the ensemble featured the unconventional mixture of bass, tenor and soprano saxophones, two French horns, two trumpets, including piccolo trumpet, tuba, a full trombone section, two guitars, two cellos, bass, drums, percussion and, of course, vocals. Armstrong and junior Tyler Kundinger traded off vocal duties amid a few purely instrumental tunes.

HMELU has become quite a culture within the Conservatory, with its artistic use of corpse paint for every musician and the now-iconic photographs of the ensemble around campus. This year introduced new metal names for each musician; every member chose a name from mythology, often Norse, phrases translated from Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic languages or names from existing bands’ members.”

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Fan-filmed video footage of VENOM‘s August 31 performance at the Masters@Rock festival in Torhout, Belgium can be seen below.

VENOM is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on its new album for an early 2014 release via Spinefarm Records.

Commented VENOM drummer Danny “Danté” Needham: “The new songs are sounding amazing; the whole album has a great feel.

“I’d say the strength of this band comes from our determination to create great music, and that comes from forward thinking, new ideas and fresh challenges.”

Added VENOM bassist/vocalist Conrad “Cronos” Lant: “I believe this is VENOM at its best. The songwriting keeps getting better, and the live shows are tighter and heavier than ever.

“It’s clear to me now that all of the lineup changes this band has been through over the years has been an inspiring journey to find the right band of warriors.

VENOM continue to keep growing stronger and unstoppable”.

VENOM‘s latest studio album, “Fallen Angels”, was released in November 2011 via Spinefarm Records. Featuring 13 recordings produced by Cronos, the follow-up to 2008’s “Hell” release saw the trio (completed by guitarist Stuart “Rage” Dixon) adopting a style highly redolent of classic early VENOM with modern studio technology employed only to increase the general level of nastiness.


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Due to a U.S. “immigration administrative delay,” MPIRE OF EVIL (formerly PRIMEVIL) — the band formed in 2010 by ex-VENOM members Jeff “Mantas” Dunn (guitar) and Tony “The Demolition Man” Dolan (bass, vocals) — has been forced to cancel its participation in the proposed North American tour with RAVEN. MPIRE OF EVIL says in a statement: “Applications were made in time for visas. However, a clerical error that came to light too late meant re-application, and this would have meant missing the whole of the dates planned. RAVEN will still be appearing on the tour, but MPIRE of EVIL apologize and have no control in this case but have rescheduled and will be there in March/April 2014.”

Fan-filmed video footage of MPIRE OF EVIL performing the VENOM classic “Withing Hour” on July 25 at the Headbangers Open Air festival in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany can be seen below.

MPIRE OF EVIL recently filmed a video for the song “Taking It All” from its “Crucified” album.

“Crucified” came out on May 7 via Deadline Music (a subsidiary of Cleopatra Records). The booklet includes art by Mantas, lyrics and band pics.

“Crucified” bulldozes through eleven tracks — including nine re-recorded versions of VENOM tracks from Dolan’s time with the group — opening with the driving “Temples of Ice” and not taking its foot off the gas through the closing beast, “Taking It All” (which includes the perfect anti-chant). The riffs are dense and mighty, rhythms propulsive, and the vocals relentlessly intense. The record takes on dystopian themes of destruction, evil, and corruption and in the case of pointed tracks like “Blackened Are The Priests”, all three.

After completing a successful U.S. tour with drummer Marc Jackson (who replaced Antony “Antton” Lant last year), MPIRE OF EVIL in May 2012 announced that Marc had joined the group on a permanent basis.

MPIRE OF EVIL released its full-length debut, “Hell To The Holy”, on March 26, 2012 via Scarlet Records. The CD was produced by Mantas and features cover artwork by Gyula Havancsák (ANNIHILATOR, DESTRUCTION, GRAVE DIGGER).

MPIRE OF EVIL last year completed a North American tour with fellow British thrashers ONSLAUGHT.


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Fan-filmed video footage of MPIRE OF EVIL (formerly PRIMEVIL) — the band formed in 2010 by ex-VENOM members Jeff “Mantas” Dunn (guitar) and Tony “The Demolition Man” Dolan (bass, vocals) — performing the VENOM classic “Withing Hour” on July 25 at the Headbangers Open Air festival in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany can be seen below.

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Bloodstock is less than two weeks away! Holy shit! We got Hell mastermind and metal producer legend Andy Sneap to get all excited with us…


Well, on Saturday at approx 1.50pm I’d say it will be……..


Proving how far we’ve come on as a band from two years ago. If I’m honest, we came off stage in 2011 thinking we’d had a rough one, knowing we could do a lot better, and I think the band has come along leaps and bounds since then.


I was talking to Cronos from Venom about his Ox Blood Dr Marten boots this weekend in Finland…..It doesn’t get much more metal than that.


I just watered the Chili plants in the greenhouse……….


Well this year’s pretty good to be honest, Accept, King Diamond, Exodus, Slayer, Hell. You’ve got five of my favourite bands right there. I’d like to see the classic Mercyful Fate line up play a show. All my favourite bands are still the classics from the 70′s – early 80′s , I think the Scorpions would be good too.


Anyone who saw our recent show in Derby will have an idea; we are trying to bring as much of the show as possible but its tough with a 20 minute turnaround between bands. I’m still not quite sure what to expect myself…

Bloodstock takes place from August 8-11 2013 at Catton Hall, Derby, and features the likes of King Diamond, Lamb of God, Slayer, Anthrax, Gojira, DevilDriver and many more. Get your tickets now from

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Kataklysm will film a new music video in Belgrade, Serbia next month with director Ivan Colic from iCode Productions (Ex Deo, Soilwork, Moonspell, etc.) whose previous work includes Kataklysm’s “Push The Venom” video and Ex Deo’s “Romulus” and “Final War (Battle Of Actium)” videos. Filming will commence in August for “a very ambitious & sick” video clip for the song “Elevate” from Kataklysm’s forthcoming concept album “Waiting For The End To Come.” According to the band, the plan is to bring the viewers into a visual masterpiece of chaos, a chaos based around the ideals of death, the purpose of life, the human factor, and the semi-coma state that most people in this world exist in. Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono states: “In a nutshell, we believe we wrote the most intense, intricate storyline for a video clip ever made in death metal and our genre.

The post Kataklsym Filming New Music Video Off Upcoming Album “Waiting For The End To Come” appeared first on Daily Heavy Metal News.

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“Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult” by Dayal Patterson is a 600-page tome exploring the history and development of black metal from its beginnings in the early 1980s to the present day.

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