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In 2010, the organizers of Holland’s highly acclaimed Roadburn Festival invited Tom Gabriel Warrior, founder of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Triptykon, to act as the curator. Under the banner of Only Death Is Real, Roadburn 2010 thus became the venue for the presentation of Triptykon’s newly-released debut album, “Eparistera Daimones” ( reviewed here ), as well as Triptykon’s first official live appearance

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Two years’ work lost: Apocalyptica

Apocalyptica have been forced to postpone a concert they’d been working on for two years after the venue was broken into and the production was trashed by vandals.

The cello-powered, Metallica-influenced metal band had been preparing to stage Wagner Reloaded, a spectacular performance marking the 200th anniversary of the classical composer Richard Wagner’s birth, on September 27.

Under the subtitle ‘Apocalyptica Meets Wagner’ the Finnish four-piece intended to deliver a mix of music, dance and multimedia projections involving 250 performers. The last version of the event was performed in July before 11,000 fans.

But that’s been put on hold after burglars destroyed props, costumers and equipment during a break-in at Leipzig Arena, Germany, which was being set up to host the show.

Project manager Thomas Guggi says: “The artists and promoters are shocked. The whole process is affected by the damage – we can’t guarantee a safe show any more.

“The work of two years has been destroyed. It will be impossible to stage the show on September 27 as there’s not enough time to replace the damaged items. Our artistic values are lost. We can’t present Wagner Reloaded to 100% in the present situation.”

Leipzig Arena are already working with the band and promoters to reschedule the event. Ticketholders are asked to consult their vendor for further information.

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It seems like only yesterday the staff of Metal Injection and MetalSucks celebrated our third annual CMJ Showcase with Pig Destroyer slaying the sold out venue. As autumn grows closer, we're looking forward to bringing you this year's grind fiesta! Headlining our fourth annual event will be Canada's loudest band, Fuck The Facts, tearing you …

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Devin Townsend: bonkers, brilliant, all the b’s

Devin Townsend has unveiled a new clip from his lush upcoming Retinal Circus DVD, filmed last year in Camden’s prestigious Roundhouse venue. If you were there, you’ll know just how immense and batshit-crazy this show was, and if you weren’t…get this fucking DVD.

See Devin perform a crushing War below…

The Retinal Circus is released on September 30 in the following awesome formats:

–standard 2-disc DVD
–standard 1-disc Blu-Ray
–standard 2-CD audio
–special edition 2-DVD/1-Blu Ray/2-CD box set
–diehard deluxe fan box incl. 2-DVD/1-Blu Ray/2-CD (pictured below)


Don’t forget to tune in to Ziltoid’s TeamRock Radio show every Saturday!

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Chad Bowar of Heavy Metal recently conducted an interview with legendary extreme-metal drummer Gene Hoglan (TESTAMENT, DEATH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, DARK ANGEL, DETHKLOK). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Heavy Metal: What inspired the Gene Hoglan Experience?

Gene Hoglan: I want to take the concept of a drum clinic and expand upon it, to reach everybody, not just drummers. My drum clinics have always had large elements of “spoken word” to them, but they were, in essence, drum clinics. Now, to take the same basic concept and put in a venue, the night is now open to all metal fans or Gene fans. It will be extremely interactive, where I’ll take questions all night, relate stories, as well as get behind the kit and pound along to tunes from my entire career. Heavy Metal: What can fans that attend one expect to see?

Gene Hoglan: A whole lotta personality! I’ve never done any preparation whatsoever for any clinic, and everything I do or say is completely off the cuff and ad-libbed. Hell, even any solo I do is pretty much made up on the spot. I definitely like to bring a ton of humor and lightheartedness to these things, so hopefully people will come away thoroughly entertained and satisfied. Or at least howling at that train wreck of a solo. Heavy Metal: You’ve been in numerous bands and played on tons of albums as a “session guy” instead of being in one band for 30 years. Was that your goal as a young musician, or just how things turned out?

Gene Hoglan: Y’know, I never really knew where I was going to go with my career when I was starting out in my teens. All I knew was that I was gonna stick around, like a cockroach or fungus, or a cockroach infested with fungus. I was thinking about it recently, about my career involving many bands, many players, and I thought about a lot of the guys I looked up to, like Tommy Aldridge, Cozy Powell, Steve Gadd, Terry Bozzio, and those guys did plenty of bouncing around themselves. I’m sure there was some, “It’s okay to do your thing with many different bands, just always try to be awesome and worth their time” type of influence that rubbed off on me from watching their careers, and the fact that I always felt like DARK ANGEL was not going to be my last stop. Well, I guess it’s just natural that things have turned out this way. I’ve always liked expanding my boundaries by playing with as many cats as I have, and I know my playing has greatly improved due to it. I sure know that my sense of diplomacy has, indeed. I tell ya, there sure isn’t the downtime involved in jumping around that there is with being stationary. I don’t get to receive the, “Okay, we’re done with the touring cycle, everybody take a break, and we’ll meet up in a few months to start the next album.” I bounce!

Read the entire interview at Heavy Metal.

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Legendary rocker Alice Cooper recently spoke to Highway 81 Revisited about how he plans the setlist and the look for each tour.

“It’s so funny because it’s almost the hardest thing when you’re trying to please all the fans is trying to do something that everyone wants,” he said. “Of course we’re going to do all the hits, but then I get e-mails going, ‘How come you didn’t do this?’ and, ‘How come you didn’t do that?’ Everybody has their own favorite songs for their deeper cuts. So we’re going to do 28 songs. That’s one of the hardest parts of doing a show: What songs are we gonna put in? Once you get them in there, the easy part for me is staging it.”

He continued: “This show that you’re going to see this time is totally different from the show that you saw last time. That’s kind of the fun part for me, putting the new show together, and let’s see what we’re going to do this time to surprise the audience.

“I think one of the most important parts of this show is that the band is so good. The band is the best band I’ve ever had. The reviews every time are ‘this band is unbelievable.’ Orianthi on guitar, Ryan Roxie on guitar, Tommy Henriksen on guitar, Glen Sobel on drums, Chuck Garric on bass and me. And then, of course, extras. But this band gets great reviews every single night. It’s easy for me when I get a band that just takes my songs and really rips ’em.”

Asked what he wants people to say when they walk out of the venue, Alice said: “I think they come in with the pre-thinking of, ‘Well, this a legendary, mythical character,’ and ‘He must be 65, so this must be Alice walking through this and kinda doing his hits and talking to us.’ They get just the opposite. We do all the hits, but it’s the highest-energy show they’re gonna see all year. And Alice is more of a villain now than he’s ever been. He’s more pronounced than he’s ever been. Then they’re wondering, ‘How did I get confetti in my hair? Why do I have stage blood on me? Look, I caught a necklace, I caught a cane, I caught a riding crop.’ Everyone goes home with souvenirs that get thrown from the stage to the audience. So it’s a huge party. When they walk away, they go, ‘That was the most fun show I’ve seen all year.'”

Read the entire interview at Highway 81 Revisited.

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THE CULT frontman Ian Astbury has spoken out on the incident at the band’s August 13 concert at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when a fan attending the concert was ejected from the venue for allegedly texting and being disrespectful during the performance (see video footage below).

Speaking to Michael Christopher at, Astbury said: “Initially the guy was filming the whole show — he was filming everything…. It’s kind of a disease that we have where people aren’t present and after while it kind of trips you up, it becomes a distraction. Usually you don’t let things like that trip you out, but when it’s right in front of you doing it… one guy was sitting on the side of the stage eating cake [laughs] and that tripped me out too, but I went over and ate his cake.

“So the barricade was very close to the stage; and I think the subtext of this is, as musicians, we’ve seen our so-called industry be decimated to the point where the expectation level of individual fans raises to the point where you’re doing them a service, this idea that musicians are now the bottom of the food chain. When Spotify is paying 0.00004 of a cent per play — a million plays will get you 5,000 dollars. Who listens to a track a million times? Nobody. You wait like three years to get a royalty check for 18 dollars. It’s getting worse and worse and worse.

“The only thing you have control over is the performance environment. When you have habitual filming going on, it’s disruptive to the performance. When you’ve got someone visualizing the show through a cell phone, that action spreads out through the crowd.
“And this genius, first of all, I politely asked him to stop filming; I don’t mind if you take pictures, that’s cool, filming little bits – but don’t film the entire set; enough’s enough. At first I was kind of amused, but the next thing, he’s texting during a song. That’s incredibly disruptive, watching people in the front row so disconnected from the process — not even present. You might as well stay at home.

“I commented to this guy, ‘Will you please stop texting?’ He didn’t pay attention.

“I had water in my mouth, I sprayed it right next to him, and he just exploded — exploded; trying to climb over the barriers, trying to get into a fight with me, he’s flipping me off, he’s screaming at me, ‘Fuck you…’ And I was just like, ‘You’re rude. This is our house, you’re behaving disrespectfully, you’re disruptive, you’re affecting the functioning of the whole evening, and you’re disconnected — so why bother coming?’

“When it goes on YouTube, it looks like shit, sounds like shit — you missed the moment. We didn’t spend blood sweat and tears creating this music to be snubbed in that way.

“Stay at home.

“I’ve been at performances on Broadway where the actors stop to say, ‘Turn off the cell phone. Stop texting. You’re breaking the spell. Be present.’ If you want to do it, go to the back and text – almost like smoking at the airport, you should have a texting area.

“If you feel like you have to? Then you have a little area you can go do it in. It’s amazing how possessive people are of their entitlement in these environments. Don’t poke the animals in the cage — you will get bitten.

“Some people say, ‘You’re being self-righteous and indignant, these people paid to come to the show they should be able to do what they want.’ So if you invite people into your home, and it is our home for the evening, would you expect them to piss on the floor and shit in your flowerpot?

“Initially when we walk out onstage, pretty much 60 percent of the audience had a phone up. That’s pretty much just the way it now, upfront, and that’s cool, we have no problem with that. But when it bleeds into the entire show and you’re doing songs like ‘Embers’, for example, which is a very intimate song, a very revealing song, and people are just really disconnected and it does break the spell. It’s like a cancerous cell of disconnection in the room.”

THE CULT‘s current “Electric 13” tour sees the band performing its 1987 album “Electric”, on its entirety. The live show also includes a second set pulling from the band’s eight other studio albums.


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I left the venue soaked in sweat, water and beer, and feeling that I had seen one of the best shows of the year.

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Belgian progressive hardcore mentalists BEAR have signed a deal with up-and-coming U.K. label Basick Records. The band’s new album, “Noumenon”, will be released in October.

Check out an album teaser below.

Mixing extreme chaos with dazzling technical flair is the four-piece’s forte, and Basick boss Nathan Barley Phillips was compelled to sign them after witnessing their off-the-scale live show at last year’s Euroblast festival.

Barley comments: “I had the misfortune of a near-death experience when I chanced upon BEAR playing at a small venue in Germany last year… It’s not often that I genuinely fear for my own safety when watching a band, but experiencing BEAR‘s live show is about as close to armageddon as it gets. I’m thrilled to welcome them to Basick.”

Adds BEAR: “We are insanely stoked to announce that BEAR is now an offical member of the Basick Records family: Effective Immediately!!! Joining their already immpressive roster is a dream come true and we can’t wait to drop our next beast of a record everywhere.”

BEAR is confirmed for Eierfest in Belgium on August 23 as well as another appearance at Euroblast festival in Germany on October 11, and with tour announcements in the pipeline, expect a stage near you to be decimated very soon.

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Mike Portnoy hasn't done a Progressive Nation Tour since 2011, and that was when he was still with Dream Theater. Now he's back with a new tour, new bands, and a new venue completely! If you consider the ocean a venue… the cruise will take place from February 18 to 22 and will cost you …

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