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On March 12, singer/bassist Schmier of German thrash metal veterans DESTRUCTION was interviewed by Nick Perkel (a.k.a. Japan Nick), a contributing writer for The Aquarian Weekly and host of “Japan Nick’s Rock And Metal Pandemonium” on Montclair State University’s WMSC 90.3 radio station. Asked about his recently announced side project with members of ACCEPT, Schmier said: “It’s actually the drummer, Stefan [Schwarzman], who used to play for RUNNING WILD for many years, and he’s playing for ACCEPT now for many years also. And it’s Herman Frank, the guitar player. We met on several festivals in the last years and we’ve been hanging out. And they’re great guys. And we liked each other since point one. And somehow we had this crazy idea that in between ACCEPT and DESTRUCTION breaks, we could do something together. Because Stefan lives very close by now; he moved down here where I live. So we started to do some stuff, some rehearsals, and it turned out really great.”

He continued: “I’ve been doing this HEADHUNTER project back in the ’90s, and that was also a mix of classical heavy metal with a little bit of DESTRUCTION. So now I’m gonna go back to using my DESTRUCTION vibes, but the music is gonna be much more classical heavy metal, but it’s also, of course, gonna be more heavy and a little more powerful than ACCEPT stuff. So it’s gonna be a nice mixture. It fits really well.

“We have already written five songs. It’s actually still not really so official. So you’re one of the first persons that is interviewing me about this. I only did one interview before, with a guy from Israel, who basically put this on Blabbermouth back in the day.

“We still don’t have a name for the band. We’re writing songs right now, and as soon as we have a demo, then we’re gonna put out an official statement. But we’re having those five songs recorded now as a pre-demo, so when I’m coming back from [touring] the States [with DESTRUCTION], then we’re gonna enter the studio and record a pre-recording for the final album. So I’m excited. It sounds great. It sounds fresh. To me, it’s something different than DESTRUCTION, so it’s a great experience. And the guys are, of course… especially Herman, he’s a little bit older than me. He’s like my big, old brother. He has a lot more experience. Even if I am in the business for a long time, he has some more years, so I can learn from him. And it’s very interesting.”

He added: “I love classical heavy metal; it’s my fucking favorite. And it’s gonna be fun to do that. So I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a great side project.

“I’m not somebody who likes to sit at home the whole day. I like to be entertained and play music and have fun. And I’m looking forward to this new thing.”

Regarding whether fans can expect to hear the first music from the new project before the end of 2014, Schmier said: “It could be by the end of this year. If everything works out, we’re gonna have demos in April/May. Then look for a label. So we could enter the studio in the summer. So I hope it’s gonna happen. But, I mean, I have to do a DESTRUCTION album also, which will have top priority, of course. So we’ll see how everything goes. But I think the way it goes right now, the project will be [in the studio] earlier [than DESTRUCTION]. ‘Cause we have five songs done, and we already have new ideas. So if we find a good label fast, then it should be out by the end of the year.”

DESTRUCTION‘s 30th-anniversary album, “Spiritual Genocide”, was released on November 23, 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to 2011’s “Day Of Reckoning” was recorded at Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf, Germany with engineer Martin Buchwalter and was mixed by Andy Classen. The album features guest appearances by Thomas “Angelripper” Such (SODOM), Andreas “Gerre” Geremia (TANKARD) and Ol Drake (EVILE). In addition, the “Mad Butcher”/“Release From Agony” lineup of DESTRUCTION — featuring guitarist Harry Wilkens and drummer Oliver Kaiser — reunited for one song.

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PIERCE THE VEIL members Vic Fuentes and Jamie Preciado were “really shocked” to hear that AS I LAY DYING frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested for conspiring to have his wife murdered by a hitman.

“We hung out with them about a month before that happened,” Fuentes told KROQ (a station) during a recent interview. “I didn’t get any killer vibes.”

“Some of our crew members used to work for that band, and we’ve known that band forever,” added Preciado. “We’ve looked up to that band. They’re from San Diego as well. They hung out [with us] like two months before all that stuff came up.”

“I think everybody was just really shocked,” interjected Fuentes. “Like [Preciado] said, a lot of our crew used to be AS I LAY DYING crew, so they spent years with them. They were just blown away by it. I didn’t know him personally, so I couldn’t really say one way or another.”

“From our interactions, that was like the last thing… It was crazy, for sure, when we found out,” mused Preciado about the charges against Lambesis. “We were just like, ‘uhhh…'”

“I mean, I could see Jaime doing something like that,” Fuentes joked, lightening the mood. “He wouldn’t get caught, though. He’d go down to Tijuana in Mexico. He knows a guy.”

“I literally have two people in my phone right now that will do the job,” Preciado laughed, giving his singer a comically evil glare. “You’re out of here.”

Prosecutors allege Lambesis had twice told a man at a gym that he wanted his wife killed, then met with an undercover detective known as “Red“, and gave the agent an envelope containing $1,000 in cash, photographs of his wife, and the security gate code to her house. He also allegedly told the agent the dates he would be with the couple’s three adopted children, in order to give himself an alibi.

Lambesis, who was originally booked into jail on suspicion of two felonies — conspiracy and murder-for-hire — was ordered to wear a GPS monitor and turn in his passport and was warned by the judge that he must stay away from his immediate family. The conspiracy charge was dropped before Lambesis was arraigned.

Tim‘s wife Meggan filed papers in September 2012 in San Diego Superior Court seeking a dissolution of the couple’s marriage.

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AFI: Back in bl-oh you know how it goes

AFI have released the video for 17 Crimes. Check it out below

This is a whole different ball game from I Hope Your Suffer, but we’re digging its summery vibes all the same.

The follow-up to 2009′s Crash Love will be titled Burials and lands on October 21. More unstoppable post-hardcore anthems and less limp love songs please, lads.

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Serj Tankian: Loving chaa-ree-deee

Revolution Harmony, a new project dreamt up by music lecturer and journalist Ray Holroyd, will release a special charity single featuring System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian, Devin Townsend and former Emperor frontman Ihsahn on July 18.

All proceeds from the single, titled We Are, will be donated to Buskaid, a charity that provides free music lessons and instruments to children in the townships of South Africa.

“It has been an absolute honour being involved with the Revolution Harmony project to bring much needed financial aid to Buskaid in South Africa,” says Serj. “Music has saved my life and has the potential to create positive change in all those young kids struggling to make themselves heard and to survive.” He continues on the single itself: “The song is a musical collage of complex yet moving colours intertwining genres and vibes.”

“Revolution Harmony is a dream come true, it’s the perfect harmonious marriage of my two callings: making music and making a positive change in the world!,” adds Ray. “We Are is the first milestone for Revolution Harmony, and to share it with three of my musical heroes, Serj, Ihsahn and Devin, who all believe in my vision, is deeply heartwarming and humbling. These musicians are overflowing with talent and compassion, and I am eternally grateful and monumentally honoured to have had them contribute to my cause by singing and playing on a piece of my music. The goal for these All-Star charity singles is to raise significant funds for various smaller charities, by making/selling creative and meaningful music that features rare collaborations by inspirational artists.”

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Metallica: Basebawww Famileeeh

Metallica will be performing at one of the biggest baseball matches in the sporting calendar – LA Dodgers vs The Giants, which we gather is a big deal – as well as throwing the first pitch out for the game!

“We’re psyched to be teaming up with the World Series champs for the first ever Metallica Night at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Friday, May 3!” say the band. “When the Giants take on their arch-rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers, we’ll be on hand that night to kick off the game with the national anthem and first pitch, joining the orange and black fanatics with Metallica vibes and shenanigans throughout the evening to cheer on the team for the first home Dodger game of the season.”

To celebrate this momentous occasion of which we have no real concept of because we’re English and know fuck-all about baseball, we photoshopped Lars Ulrich as a baseball.

Worst. Photoshop. Ever

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It’s Friday. This means we’re all high on ginger beer and donuts. It’s amazing.

In honour of our happy Friday vibes, we decided to make the Ultimate Friday Playlist. It took hours of sweet, tears and arguments (IE: a ten-minute whip-around), but we got there, and it’s awesome.

Motorhead, Limp Bizkit, Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Faith No More, Pantera, Prodigy (yup) and Nine Inch Nails are just some of the names that have made our most prestigious and awesome playlist. Check it out below (and don’t forget to scroll down, yeah? Good).

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Periphery has been posting a track-by-track breakdown for each song on new album “Periphery II,” and the band has now reached 9th track “Make Total Destroy.” Periphery’s Misha Mansoor comments:

“My parents are originally from Mauritius, and after my Dad retired a few years ago they decided to move back to Mauritius. Every year or two (depending on my schedule), I go there for vacation, usually in the winter. My creativity unfortunately seems to be very weather dependent, meaning that in the Winter when the weather blows, I find myself writing little to nothing. Since Mauritius is in the southern hemisphere and is a tropical island, the weather is incredible there, and when I go there in the Winter I usually end up writing a bit. I wrote Zyglrox and Totla Mad during one stay. I wrote the demos for Unleash The Pwnies, Chocolate Flobs (for you Soundclick fans!) and the demos for Make Total Destroy and what eventually became Masamune there in another stay. I had been jamming on my 7 string a lot while watching tv, and ended up just tapping a lot of octaves around the fretboard, and ended up writing the song’s first riff, and when I sat down to record, a few more ideas came out but I knew it wasn’t complete. We knew the song had potential, so again while on a “writing retreat” at my place, Mark and I wrote some sections to help the new arrangement flow to accommodate Spencer’s awesome vocal ideas. By the time this song was completed, I knew we had something very special. We ended up making this song the first single because it really seemed to showcase and almost summarize the overall feel and vibes of the album better than any other song. It doesn’t hurt that it is a pretty high energy song and really fun to play live too.”

Mark Holcomb also added, “Although most of this song was already written as a demo on Misha’s SoundClick, he, Jake and I holed up (huh huh) for a couple days writing and adding sections to partially-imagined song ideas like this (Luck As a Constant, being another example of that). I wrote that fast thrashy riff in the middle, while Misha wrote the tapping tail end of it as well as the groove riff that follows it. We made some other changes to the arrangement to better suit the vocal ideas that Spencer had written, and it ended up turning into a far more complete song in the end.”

The album’s track listing is:

1. Muramasa
2. Have a Blast – Guthrie Govan guest solo
3. Facepalm Mute
4. Ji
5. Scarlet
6. Luck as a Constant
7. Ragnarok
8. The Gods Must Be Crazy!
9. Make Total Destroy
10. Erised (Feat. John Petrucci Guest Solo)
11. Epoch
12. Froggin’ Bullfish
13. Mile Zero (Feat. Wes Hauch Guest Solo)
14. Masamune

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Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler issued a studio update on the progress of the much anticipated new Black Sabbath album, the first album with the original lineup in 33 years. Earlier this month, Tony Iommi was
diagnosed with the early stages of lymphoma.

Butler posted an update on his official web site, which reads:

“Today [January 19th] we got the engines back up and running at Tony’s home studio. Far from being down and depressed about his lymphoma diagnosis, Tony had already written the music for two new songs, and I must say it has given us all a kick up the rump — it’s great to hear him churning out those riffs again, assuaging the Demon C. Takes more than that to stop Tony. Can’t wait for you all to hear our workings; it has been great working on this stuff.

“I want to thank the lovely encouraging emails sent to this site giving Tony love and encouragement and great vibes. It really does help, not only Tony, but us as a band — it raises up our spirits and restores our faith in this tarnished world.

“SABB fans are good people. Time and again, you have proven your faith in us and boosted our endeavour.

“Thanks, love, peace.”

The new Black Sabbath album is expected in this fall of 2012.

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Finnish symphonic gothic metal band Lullacry announced details of the band’s fifth release and first in seven years. The album is entitled “Where Angels Fear,” and it will be released worldwide in March 2012 through the band’s own label OUTO Recordings. The album, which marks the first since the 2005 release “Vol. 4,” was produced by Mikko Herranen (ex-vocalist for Misery, Inc.), who also sings a duet with vocalist Tanja Lainio on the track “Feel My Revenge.”

The first single from the album is called “Bad Blood,” which will be released digitally on February 6, 2012. The song is also streaming in the player below.

Guitarist Sami Leppikangas had the following comments on the release: “Yes it sure has taken a lot of time and many things have happened. Last year has probably been the best we’ve had in Lullacry, at least when it comes to vibes. And you can hear that in the album. For the first time we made songs without thinking that now we have to do a gothballad or a rocksong. We just did things more spontaneusly and it led to an album that is a lot more dark, ambitious and multi-dimensional than it’s predecessors. We also paid a lot more attention on lyrics and the production was organic which made the sounds more dynamic on Where Angels Fear. It will be awesome to go and play these new tunes to people, we’ve really waited this for long.”

The track listing for “Where Angels Fear” is as follows:

1. Antidote to You
2. Still An Angel
3. Thousand Suns
4. Feel My Revenge
5. Bad Blood
6. All Behind
7. Gone Are the Days
8. I Am
9. Broken (Into Pieces)
10. Where Angels Fear
11. Stay
12. Love & War

Check out “Bad Blood” here:

Bad Blood (from album Where Angels Fear) by LULLACRY

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To develop a polished, mainstream sound, while sounding authentic, is a difficult task for a musician to create, and sometimes for fans of the underground to genuinely appreciate. Los Angeles, California’s Einvera, with their take on technical death metal, has done the unusual by formulating their debut record, In Your Image,  to represent metallic pop culture, while acknowledging the underground in one fell swoop.

Bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Blackguard, are often maligned by the underground for their at times bubblegum-esque take on melo death and folk elements, but the same cannot be said for Einvera. In Your Image, is a host of top technical chops that resemble a combination of the two previously mentioned bands, as well as Dark Tranquillity and any number of tech/prog death bands in the news as of late. This album could have easily spiraled into Revolver magazine, as “breakout artist of the year” with a sampler CD in the back of the magazine or something (which it still may), but the crux of the album is it’s ability to grab the listener with it’s whimsical, folksy vibes that usher in a carefree essence to it’s brutality, but without becoming a charicature. Bands like Blackguard, who perform similarly to Einvera are downright bad, because they are cartoonishly stereotypical, with little in the way of substance, Einvera though, are articulate with their riffs, and allow folk elements to never become stale, especially with the inclusion of bluegrass elements, or latin folk elements, to provoke an American style folk into their music instead of the just the carbon copy gypsy music that has become a staple on these types of albums. This is a key difference, and a defining moment for this band, despite it being only their first album. Much of the criticism of bands like this, is that they only adopt the European styles of folk, but Einvera clearly consider their American roots to be as important as European style folk.

Vocalist Grant, who based on my research seems to be kind of the heart of the band by not only performing the vocals, but also all of the non-traditional instrumentation, which ultimately adds to the individualism to the band’s sound. His guitar, is much more in tune with prog metal and Dark Tranquillity’s rhythmical fluidity, than say the balls to the wall fury of Obscura. Zac, the drummer, provides the perfect levels of drum intensity depending on the mood of the track, be it a subtle prog interlude, or an all out blast beat-a-thon; this guy is on point with any style that the band deems worthy.

In Your Image is a solid album for any fan of metal, as is hits on all the right points to make this a very enjoyable album without any fluff, and really is a natural successor to the modern American technical death metal style en vogue these days. Take note Unexpect fans, THIS is how to perform this style!

Similar Artists: Blackguard, Dark Tranuillity, Unexpect

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