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Swedish thrashers DARKANE has joined forces with Helsingborgs Brewery to create Darkale. The band says: “You guessed it, we’re talking beer. Ale to be specific. This delightful ale will unfortunately only be available in Sweden.”

This fall, Helsingborgs Brewery will step over to the dark side to give you a delicious hybrid of thrash metal and Skåne ölkunnande. The result is a tough and complex ale, equally inspired by fair means commodities of ferocious double pedals and heavy riffs. Meet Darkale, a proud partnership with Helsingborg, Sweden-based band DARKANE. You get a dark and tasty brew with unexpected nuances and many levels.

Helsingborgs Brewery describes Darkale as a “dark mahogany red-brown ale with a light foam. The taste is a bit malty with some burnt notes and caramel fudge. Easy hopped with fruity and some ortiga tones. Easy to drink for its variety and is perfect for your favorite metal music and some snacks. ”

Says DARKANE: “We are extremely proud of this collaboration.

“We started actually recording our latest album, ‘The Sinister Supremacy’, which came out last summer, with a beer tasting at Helsingborgs Brewery and already there were sown enough seeds of this amazing collaboration. We hope all the avid beer drinking headbangers around the country will like this ale as much as we do.”

Darkale will be on sale at Systembolaget in the Helsingborg vicinity and in the rest of the Sweden through Systembolaget‘s ordering catalog from the middle of October and for a limited period.


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Gothenburg, Sweden based act One Without has issued the following announcement about parting ways with drummer Oscar Nilsson:

“After a few weeks of consideration, Oscar has decided that he wants to focus on playing only session drums with bands and will also be doing that with OW, thus, ending his membership of the band as of today. We support his decision as we felt that he didn’t have the time and interest that we crave from a full member of OW, and wish him good luck with all his projects.

“He will be performing with us at our gig at Sticky Fingers (Gothenburg, SWE) on the 15th of July and possibly at Belsepub (Gothenburg SWE) on September 10th.

“The position as drummer is now open, send your applications to: To be considered for the position, you need to live in the vicinity of Gothenburg, have experience of performing and recording, and be wiling to work hard.”

You can also listen to the band’s music by navigating over to the official One Without MySpace page.

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THE 2011 Metalliance Tour will have to move its Chicago show this Sunday, March 27 due to recent gang-related activity in the vicinity of the venue.

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Video footage of ROCKTAIL THE BAND — an “association” of over 50 musicians from various bands in the vicinity of the German citiies of Celle, Hannover, Braunschweig and Bielefeld — performing a cover version of DIO’s “Holy Diver” on December 18, 2010 at Cd-Kaserne in Celle, Germany can be viewed below.

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German horror punk ghouls THE OTHER play catchy, singalong songs somewhere in the vicinity of punk meets gothic rock and metal, with a touch of rockabilly. The MISFITS are a huge inspiration, right…

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