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The Word Alive: bringing the synths to Slam Dunk, we imagine

This weekend, Slam Dunk festival takes over the UK for a Bank Holiday mosh-and-booze-up of epic proportions. It’s going to be an iron-clad rager and, if we’re being frank, a bit messy, so when we found out that Tom Doyle had gone and invented a drinking game for the duration of the fest, we had to nick it. Sorry, Tom.

So, in the first of what is probably going to be an ongoing and increasingly ridiculous series over festival season, here is the 100% Unofficial Metal Hammer Slam Dunk Drinking game:

Simple. See you down the front.*

*Please note, these rules are in no way officially affiliated with Slam Dunk festival or its promoters. It’s just a bit of fun. If you decide to actually go through with this, you are a maniac and can’t blame us if you end up face down, passed out in front of Tek-One.

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