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U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine recently asked guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy of Florida metallers TRIVIUM to give us his thoughts on the state of metal in 2013. As ever, his answer was an interesting one. Check out the clip below.

“The state of metal in 2013… It’s in a great place and it’s also in a bad place,” Heafy began. “I think the fact that there is so much… I guess to each his own, and I always talk about being acceptant of all styles of life and all genres of music — I mean, you can learn something from everything — there is a lot of manufactured nonsense out there.

“For me, when I think of hardcore and I think of metal and I think of bands that I love from those genres… I don’t know. In my head, I know what they should sound like. And I can see what these bands are all copycatting off each other’s copycatting and not quite making anything original and not making anything of their own; they just keep copying a form of a copy.

“I know I’ve been looking for that young, new metal band. Where are the kids that are picking up a guitar, saying, ‘Hey, I wanna be like IRON MAIDEN,’ ‘Hey, I wanna be like METALLICA.’ Instead it’s bands that are putting weird dance music in with heavy music. Which is fine — I guess they’re doing something that kids love — but for me, as a metal fan, I’m missing out on where are the young kids picking up a guitar and starting metal bands. I guess there are a few last hopes out there — there are some really incredible bands that are doing some really incredible things. The fact that METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN are bigger than ever is a really, really great thing.

“We, as fans of metal, need to not just look at it as a thing to get turned on to casually — it’s a lifestyle; it’s far beyond just something that we casually listen to.

“I think that metal fans and metal bands need to support each other and band together and help bring each other further and bring each other upwards versus trying to drag each other down. I’m not saying that’s a common feature and that’s what’s happening now, but I definitely don’t see enough of a brotherhood, of people helping each other — bands helping each other go up, fans supporting all bands because they’re in the genre they love. I think we need more of that. And we need more kids to start playing metal again.”

TRIVIUM‘s new album, “Vengeance Falls”, will be released on October 15 via Roadrunner Records. Produced by David Draiman (DISTURBED, DEVICE), the follow-up to 2011’s “In Waves” is available for pre-order at The first single, “Strife”, is available as an instant download with all pre-orders.

TRIVIUM‘s “Strife” video can be seen below. The clip was filmed in July at Studio One in Orlando and was directed by Ramon Boutviseth, who has previously worked with NONPOINT, DARKEST HOUR, INCUBUS and ALL THAT REMAINS, among others. Check out photos from the video shoot at this location.


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Safe to say, appearances can be deceptive

So following on from yesterday’s awesome story featuring two young kids from a hip hop-centred neighborhood in Brooklyn who have formed a metal band, yet more young’uns doing us proud have popped up, this time in the form of six-year-old Aaralyn and her brother Izzy.

The duo turned up to the latest series of America’s Got Talent (which for some reason has Mel B from The Spice Girls on it) and proceeded to do this:

….seriously, is it us or are kids just getting more metal by the week? Fair play, guys!

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Topps baseball cards will be including metal legends now in their card packs. It's all a big conspiracy to turn young kids on to good metal and I've never been so happy about it. So Topps are including cards now of legends like Lita Ford, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, and seven others in on their …

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Serj Tankian: Loving chaa-ree-deee

Revolution Harmony, a new project dreamt up by music lecturer and journalist Ray Holroyd, will release a special charity single featuring System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian, Devin Townsend and former Emperor frontman Ihsahn on July 18.

All proceeds from the single, titled We Are, will be donated to Buskaid, a charity that provides free music lessons and instruments to children in the townships of South Africa.

“It has been an absolute honour being involved with the Revolution Harmony project to bring much needed financial aid to Buskaid in South Africa,” says Serj. “Music has saved my life and has the potential to create positive change in all those young kids struggling to make themselves heard and to survive.” He continues on the single itself: “The song is a musical collage of complex yet moving colours intertwining genres and vibes.”

“Revolution Harmony is a dream come true, it’s the perfect harmonious marriage of my two callings: making music and making a positive change in the world!,” adds Ray. “We Are is the first milestone for Revolution Harmony, and to share it with three of my musical heroes, Serj, Ihsahn and Devin, who all believe in my vision, is deeply heartwarming and humbling. These musicians are overflowing with talent and compassion, and I am eternally grateful and monumentally honoured to have had them contribute to my cause by singing and playing on a piece of my music. The goal for these All-Star charity singles is to raise significant funds for various smaller charities, by making/selling creative and meaningful music that features rare collaborations by inspirational artists.”

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Toothgrinder has posted a drum video online for the (just shy of) 18 minute track “Vibration/Colour/Frequency,” which can be viewed below. Toothgrinder was created in 2010 by a group of local young kids wanting to hit the music scene with something heavier, broader, and more inventive than had been previously done by each musician in the past. Toothgrinder resides in Asbury Park, NJ and has previously won Best Heavy Rock Band (2010, 2011) and Best Drummer (2011) by the Asbury Park Music Awards.

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Brandon Marshall of the Denver Westword recently conducted an interview with ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante.

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Photo (c) 2010 Ray Van Horn, Jr. / The Metal Minute

Metal Minute: The past couple years Exodus has been road-dogging with Kreator, Megadeth, Testament and Arch Enemy in advance preparation for your latest album Exhibit B: The Human Condition. I caught you twice on these legs and saw a very devout audience mixed with old schoolers and youngsters going berserk during your set. Brought a smile and a warmed heart to watch them whirling the trad mosh pits as we came up with during the eighties. Give us a general tour diary from your perspective being on the road with your peers and Arch Enemy.

Gary Holt: It’s totally awesome touring with bands that we like and admire, and Arch Enemy are certainly at the top of that list. We’re fortunate to have a whole new generation of kids into the band now, as well as the old diehards, so times have been good to us. And with the old guys and their bad hips and knees, it’s good to still have some young kids with healthy joints to get the pits raging!

MM: (laughs) I read enough interviews lately between you and Tom Hunting and it seems like a lot of your hosts are actually surprised Exodus is still playing at breakneck speed on Exhibit B: The Human Condition. I’m sure that has to be getting on your nerves, since Exodus has hardly slowed down throughout the years, though maybe in spots on Impact is Imminent and Force of Habit. Listening to you and Lee (Altus) rip some beautiful solos amidst the pounding thrash of “The Ballad of Leonard and Charles” on Exhibit B, you can see why people are geeking out, yet you have to wonder if people have truly kept up with you guys over the years? Is it passé at this point for people to rave how Exodus is still a fast band?

GH: It doesn’t get on my nerves at all, because I think it has more to do with how aggressive we are after all these years, when most bands would be seriously slowing down. It’s more about how amazed people are that we not only keep things blazing, but we keep pushing the pedal to the metal more with each record.

MM: A lot has happened in society–in particular within the spiritual realm–since you released The Atrocity Exhibition in 2007, which leads us to your sequel, Exhibit B. We’re looking more at the foibles and fallacies of mankind on your newest album, but tying into The Atrocity Exhibition, what have you seen going on between Church and State and subsequently Church, State and Man which helps tell your story on Exhibit B?

GH: Well, in the US, seperation of church and state really only exists on paper, because the evangelic right holds so much sway with the running of this country. On Exhibit B we chose to focus on mankind’s many weaknesses, and our historical ability for cruelty, ignorance, arrogance, plus our sheep-like need to be led.

MM: Let’s break down “Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer).” I love this track for its speed and Rob’s spit-flung delivery, but I think it’s the flashpoint moment of Exhibit B: The Human Condition, where everything else afterwards is going to be considered effect from cause. Tell us what (or who) inspired this song of a love-deprived nihilist venting his announcement to wreak havoc.

GH: The obvious influence for this song is the American pastime of heading into the halls of learning loaded for bear and releasing one’s rage on the students. From Charles Whitman to Columbine, to Virginia Tech and many others. I just wanted to write it through the eyes of the shooter, and because of that, some think it glorifies school shootings, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just another dark part of this world of ours I chose to explore.

MM: Colin Marks worked on the album cover for Exhibit B and you guys turned to Leonardo DaVinci’s “Vitruvian Man” for inspiration. All the weaponry extended from the mandibles of the skeleton really sums up a postulated theory how mankind is inherently destructive. Given the artwork and the brutal realism of the album’s lyrics, where do you find redemption in mankind, if at all?

GH: I’m still waiting for man to redeem itself, but I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime!

(c) 2010 Ray Van Horn, Jr. / The Metal Minute

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