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Beautiful women force rockers to do disturbing things in the new NSFW video.

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Gothic metallers Neverdream recently announced that the title of their forthcoming album will be “The Circle,” which is scheduled for release some time in 2012. According to an update from the band, it will be a concept album about family violence, religious fanaticism, and a tragic hero. Neverdream commented on the upcoming release:

“The Circle takes its listeners to the Texan city Corpus Christi back in the year 1990. A family father, strictly religious, violent and a bigot at the same time, is abusing his own son and puts pressure on him not to tell anyone about it. He tells his son about a secret safety belt which he has built around the city with the help of God that will protect all good people from evil. The evil that’s in his eyes; all betrayers, liars and women.

“One day the mother reports the sexual harassment to the police and the father gets arrested. The son and tragic hero of the story hates his mother for doing so – he is brainwashed by the fanaticism of his father and moves away from the city. In his new place he meets a girl and falls in love, but she doesn’t love him in return and he kills her. Her dead body is found with her eyes sewed.

“From this day on several murders happen in this small town – it’s always young women and always their eyes are sewed shut. The local police department calls the unknown murderer that they are searching for The Tailor…”

Stay tuned for more details on the track listing, cover artwork, and release date for “The Circle.”

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