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In a brand new interview with Billboard.com, MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee once again spoke of his disappointment over the way things ended between him and his bandmates after the conclusion of the group’s final show.

“We had a super, super crazy afterparty, but none of the other guys came to it,” said Lee. “It was interesting. I asked around, like, ‘Hey, where are the guys at?’ and they’re like, ‘Oh, they left.’ ‘Whoa! Okay…’ Very disappointed, but in the same breath I kinda knew that was gonna happen, so I was prepared for it, y’know? And after a nearly two-year-long tour, I didn’t blame them for wanting to just get the fuckin’ out of there and go home. It’s all good.” Lee added that he hasn’t spoken with bassist Nikki Sixx or frontman Vince Neil since the show, though he’s in frequent contact with guitarist Mick Mars.

Even though MÖTLEY CRÜE has not officially broken up, “There won’t be any new music or anything like that,” Lee said. “It’s clear that at some point the band just stopped making new music, and what are you supposed to do? Keep going around the country playing the same old songs? No way. In a world that was changing rapidly in all senses, musically and business and style and everything, people need to be really open and not really follow but forge ahead and make something new. That’s a big challenge and you have to have a lot of open minds for that stuff. I can remember experimenting on a couple of our last CRÜE album efforts and getting resistance from other band members, saying things like, ‘Well, our fans, if it’s a Harley-Davidson they know they’re going to get a Harley-Davidson, and you can’t give them a beefed-up weird version of that. And I just don’t believe in that. So there was nowhere to go, really, except to stop.”

The “Mötley Crüe: The End” concert movie will screen in theaters June 14. The 140-minute film includes footage from the CRÜE‘s farewell show on December 31, 2015 at the Staples Center along with “exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the last week of the tour.”


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Dutch symphonic metallers EPICA have set “The Holographic Principle” as the title of their seventh studio album, due on October 1 via Nuclear Blast.

Speaking to Spark TV, which is part of the Czech monthly magazine Spark, EPICA singer Simone Simons stated about the follow-up to 2014′s “The Quantum Enigma” (see video below): “We are still in the process of realizing the songs. It’s a huge amount of songs, it’s a lot of information, it’s a lot to take in, but we put everything in this record and we hope that it will pay off and that the people will feel what we feel when we listen to it.”

She added: “Since ‘The Quantum Enigma’ was received so well, we set the bar so high, but we accepted the challenge to make an even better record. And we’ve done everything bigger than before — we had more orchestra, a bigger choir. We had so many different instruments — real, live instruments. Vocally, I put everything in the record that I can possibly do, and I’m very pleased with it.”

According to Simone, she has once again experimented a bit with her vocal approach on the new album. “With each record, I try to get the best out,” she said. “And Joost [van den Broek], our producer, he’s also very good at getting everything out of me. And the songs themselves, they just ask for a lot of variation in the vocal style. And I do opera, rock, pop, and in the ballads you hear the really soft voice. And, yeah, I can belt out some high notes as well.”

Even though “The Holographic Principle” is one of EPICA‘s most ambitious offerings to date, the album doesn’t sacrifice any of its instant appeal, something which Simone says was intentional. “I think it needs to be all in balance,” she said. “We are, in heart, a metal band going in the symphonic direction. The orchestration, the choir is a little bit like the seventh and eighth bandmember of EPICA, and that’s something we’ll always keep in there. And the choir parts are often very catchy, the choruses are very catchy. But on this record, besides having catchy melodies, we also wanted to have really groovy vocal lines. And that’s something that we worked on as well; we changed up some things to make it less predictable.”

One of the aspects of EPICA‘s sound which has been enhanced on “The Holographic Principle” is the growling vocal style of EPICA guitarist and main songwriter Mark Jansen. “Well, it’s Mark and it’s actually our drummer as well,” Simone said. “Mark is the main grunter, and our drummer, Ariën [van Weesenbeek], has a really nice, thick sound. So I don’t know if he sang all the grunt parts as well, if he doubled them with Mark, but them together makes a totally new grunt sound, and I like it. Also, it changes it up a bit. Mark can do also really low grunts, he can do screams, and Ariën really has that deep sound to it.”

Simone also praised the contributions of EPICA guitarist Isaac Delahaye, who came into the band in 2009. “The guitars are definitely more brutal,” she said. “Also in the mix, the melodies, the grooves, and I think that ever since Isaac joined the band, not only as a songwriter but also the guitars have been lifted to a different level, and have become more interesting to listen to, I find myself. So I’m a big fan of his guitar work and also his songwriting.”


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“Hot For You”, a brand new song from WHITFORD/ST. HOLMES, featuring the dynamic duo of AEROSMITH guitarist Brad Whitford and TED NUGENT vocalist/guitarist Derek St. Holmes, can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below. The track is taken form WHITFORD/ST. HOLMES‘s new studio album, “Reunion”, which will be released on June 3.

Joining Whitford and St. Holmes on the road will be bassist Chopper Anderson and keyboardist Buck Johnson, who both played on the “Reunion” album. Filling in on drums for all dates will be Brent Fitz (SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS) replacing Troy Luccketta, who will be touring with TESLA at the same time.

“We are very excited to have Brent join us on this run,” says Whitford. “Troy is so good, he is just not an easy guy to replace!” “We really needed a guy with the right feel,” adds St. Holmes, “Brent brings that with him along with the power that kicks these songs out like they were meant to be. We can’t wait to get out there with him.”

Asked how he feels about his new gig, Brent was quick to answer. “I was already excited for the new WHITFORD/ST. HOLMES ‘Reunion’ record. So, it goes without saying how thrilled I was to get a call from Derek and Brad asking me to step in on drums for the upcoming tour. Playing brand new music with these two legends, and in such a great new band, couldn’t be more exciting! I consider them both architects of my own musical makeup, so, of course, I’m looking forward to playing a few of their own classics as well!”

WHITFORD/ST. HOLMES‘s tour with WHITESNAKE launches on June 3 in Dallas and continues on through Texas, Indianapolis, Ohio, Detroit, Boston and more with headlining dates peppered in between. This leg of the tour will conclude on July 2 with a headline show. The band will also play with LYNYRD SKYNYRD on July 31 at Festival Park in Elgin, Illinois.

It was 1981 when Whitford, who had left AEROSMITH, first teamed up with St. Holmes to release their self-titled debut. Tracks like “Sharpshooter” and “Whisky Woman” carried on the stadium rock and roll style that made them famous. The album received critical acclaim and they did a successful round of tour dates before returning to their respective bands and shelving the duo. Until now!

Recently, the two friends found themselves living in the same town on the outskirts of Nashville. While working on some catch up time, they decided to revamp their collaboration. After writing a number of songs, the duo recruited Anderson, Johnson and Luccketta to record the album. Produced by Whitford and St. Holmes, the album was recorded at The Castle Studios in Franklin, Tennessee.

Whitford and St. Holmes, who have collectively been part of tens of millions of record sales as part of AEROSMITH and TED NUGENT, know the true purpose of their art. “It’s hard to believe we first jammed over thirty years ago,” states Whitford. St. Holmes adds: “We are excited for this record to get out there, we want to share it with our friends, all those hardcore rock ‘n’ roll fans… Like our fans and good whiskey, we all seem to get better with age.”


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Norwegian black metallers IMMORTAL — now consisting of lyricist/guitarist Demonaz (real name Harald Nævdal) and drummer Horgh (real name Reidar Horghagen) — have completed the writing process for their ninth full-length studio album.

Comments the band: “This will be our darkest and coldest album in a long time: pure Blashyrkh metal the way our fans know it, with massive majestic riffs, grim frostbitten vocals and tales from our mighty realm. Fast and furious tracks, epic tracks and longer playtime than any of our previous albums.”

Demonaz is now also handling the vocals for IMMORTAL following the 2014 split with frontman Olve Eikemo (a.k.a. Abbath).

“The massive fansupport has been very inspiring and we will not let down the fans,” the band continues. “The last year we have completed all the new songs and look forward to record our most passionate album in a long time. The songwriting process has been awesome and we are soon ready to start the recordings.”

At a time when true and original black metal is nearly dead, IMMORTAL is said to be “in ultimate spirit.”

“After the last years incidents it was time to go back to the roots to what this band is really about musically, and also to take the integrity of the band back to where it belongs,” the group states. “Cold, grim uncompromising Blashyrkh metal with a true feeling is what we deliver.

“From 2010 until 2014, IMMORTAL wrote all the songs for the successor to ‘All Shall Fall’, but when ex- member Abbath left the band in 2014, he changed the lyrics, song titles and recorded these songs for his so-called ‘solo album.’ We had to focus on making a new album nearly from scratch, which is the main reason why things have taken this much time. We are now looking forward to record the new album and present it to all those who have shown their loyalty and support.

IMMORTAL has always been a unique and unstoppable force, and that goes for our fans as well. We will never change our music or attitude.”

The album title and songtitles will be revealed soon.

IMMORTAL‘s core trio consisting of Abbath, Demonaz and Horgh had been together since 1996 and was responsible for crafting the band’s last five albums: “Blizzard Beasts” (1997), “At The Heart Of Winter” (1999), “Damned In Black” (2000), “Sons Of Northern Darkness” (2002) and the 2009 reunion album “All Shall Fall”.

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McFarland Publishers has released a new book, “Encyclopedia Of Kiss: Music, Personnel, Events And Related Subjects”. Written by pop culture authority Brett Weiss, it is the world’s first encyclopedia on the self-proclaimed “hottest band in the world.”

“Encyclopedia Of Kiss” is a comprehensive reference guide to virtually everything in the KISS universe, featuring detailed information on the band’s songs, albums, games, toys, tours, television and movie appearances, family members, girlfriends, collectibles, comic books, solo work and much more, including replacement members Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Bruce Kulick, Mark St. John, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.

KISS is one of the most popular groups in the history of rock, having sold more than 100 million albums during their more than 40-year reign. With more gold albums than any other American band, they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2014. KISS influenced a generation of musicians, from Garth Brooks and MÖTLEY CRÜE to NIRVANA and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS.

The original leather-clad, makeup-wearing line-up — Ace “Spaceman” Frehley, Gene “Demon” Simmons, Paul “Starchild” Stanley and Peter “Catman” Criss — and their classic hits “Beth” and “Rock and Roll All Nite” are forever etched in pop culture consciousness.

You can read the first few pages of “Encyclopedia Of Kiss: Music, Personnel, Events And Related Subjects” on Amazon for free.


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Sebastian Bach has engaged in a Twitter war with “Star Trek” legend William Shatner, at one point threatening to visit the 85-year-old actor at his home so that he can “say it to my face.”

The war of words apparently started after Shatner sent the former SKID ROW singer an emoji of a purple devil face in response to a tweet that Bach liked that Shatner offense to. From there, things quickly went downhill, with Bach calling Shatner a “dickhead” and reportedly posting the actor’s Studio City address, promising him: “I will see you at your home.”

“I will run past your fucking house every day until the day I die. Deal with me with your phaser cell phone bullshit,” Bach wrote in a series of tweets, some of which have since been deleted. He also referred to Shatner as “emoji man” and added: “Maybe better for you to stick behind your computer screen.”

“I will run over to your house on the 13th. Perfect day for it.” Sebastian wrote.

Shatner seemed confused by Bach‘s reaction and eventually stopped responding directly to Sebastian‘s tweets.

“I don’t know what to think of it but hopefully he’s just having a bad day and tomorrow he’ll be fine,” William wrote of the singer.

According to Fansided, Bach at one point asked Shatner if he was the guy from “Star Trek”, to which the actor, who played Captain Kirk on the classic 1960s sci-fi TV series, joked that he must be thinking of Mark Hamill (“Star Wars”).

Bach interviewed Shatner at the 2011 installment of the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, where he told the actor he had looked up to him since he was a kid. Shatner was presented with the “Honorary Headbanger Award” at the event.


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Music News: Twins, no less…

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Music News: In a track called "Cyberdemon," of course…

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Music News: "Fed up with the majority of terrible, outdated, and ineffective methods out there…"

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In a brand new interview with HardrockHaven.net, MEGADETH guitarist Kiko Loureiro spoke about his contributions to the songwriting process during the tail end of the sessions for the band’s latest album, “Dystopia”. He said: “That’s something that you … you build trust. It’s all about building trust. So I think, if you look, that I have three songs that I have collaborated on the album, which is very difficult, because I just came to the band. So two of the guys have known each other for thirty years and I know them for two weeks and I can put my ideas there? So I think I was building trust and I’m still doing that, so, now one year after, maybe they can ask my opinions on stuff so I can help. It’s like what I was telling you about being a band member for so many years and trying to decide what is MEGADETH. What MEGADETH needs. Not what Dave [Mustaine], or David [Ellefson], or whatever needs…what the band needs. And then trying to help and then you get your space. Of course, it’s very different than Dave or David because they know the band. They’ve been through everything, you know. It’s different. Also, not being a member for such a long time, maybe gives me a different perspective of things. So it can be good as well.”

Asked if he was nervous having to follow in the footsteps of Chris Poland, Marty Friedman and other great former MEGADETH guitarists, Kiko said: “Yeah, it’s a tough job. At the same time, it’s a tough job, but I have the feeling that I’m able to do it. Technically, as a guitar player, I’m able to do it. Also, I’ve been playing with ANGRA for, like, twenty years, so I have all that experience as a band member. Actually, I think that’s my best input for MEGADETH … to be a band member for many years, not a sideman. I was never a sideman. I’ve played with many bands. So I was always working for a band, like a brand … something with passion, so that’s what I’m bringing to MEGADETH besides my guitar playing … a band member. Dedicated, bringing ideas … doing whatever is necessary for the brand, for the logo, for MEGADETH.”

In a recent interview with Full Metal Jackie, Mustaine spoke about his relationship with Loureiro. He said: “Well, I think when you get around somebody that’s great, you have a few choices. You can either roll up into a ball and just die, or you can see what you can learn, or you can say, ‘You know what? I’m as good as you are.’ And I’m good at what I do, Kiko‘s good at what he does.”

He continued: “It was super exciting to be in [Kiko‘s] presence and to learn a lot of the stuff that he does. I showed him some stuff, he showed me some stuff. But I’ve gotta tell you, probably the most rewarding feeling out of all this is having a partner again. Because for a long time, it hasn’t really felt like there was a partnership.”

“Dystopia” shifted 49,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in the week ending January 28. In terms of pure album sales, it opened with 48,000 copies, marking MEGADETH‘s highest-charting album since 1992′s “Countdown To Extinction” debuted and peaked at No. 2 on the chart dated August 1 of that year. “Dystopia” also logged the group’s best sales week since 2007, when “United Abominations” landed at No. 8 with first-week sales of 54,000.

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