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Extreme metal band INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND (I.N.C.) will release its new concept album, “Black Hearse Serenade”, on October 21 via Ferocious Records (an affiliate of CDS Records, LLC). You can pre-order the album now at this location.

The artwork for “Black Hearse Serenade” was illustrated by world-renowned dark artist Sam Shearon. Shearon‘s countless creations include cover art for many popular mediums, including album art for bands such as MINISTRY, BIOHAZARD, ROB ZOMBIE, and more.

I.N.C. guitarist Erik Barath states: “The art reflect the theme that religion can be used as a weapon by those who dwell in its darkest corners.”

Barath offers more details on the concept behind “Black Hearse Serenade”: “‘Black Hearse Serenade’ tells a story, set in Southern California, about a broken man, his congregation of runaways, junkies and lost souls and a murderous path to finality. A childhood filled with embarrassment and shame, born of religious zealotry and an overbearing mother, that broken child has now become a man.”

“Black Hearse Serenade” track listing:

01. Stirring The Flock
02. Sainted Sinners
03. Cyanide and Whiskey
04. Organ Grinder
05. Black Hearse Serenade
06. The Lies We Devour
07. Lucky #7
08. Invite This Plague
09. No Turning Back
10. Love Like Napalm

The bulk of “Black Hearse Serenade” was recorded at Dexters Lab Recording, the studio owned and operated by Nick Bellmore (otherwise known as Nicholas T. Rage from TOXIC HOLOCAUST, who personally engineered and mixed the album). All of Erik Barath‘s lead guitars and piano/keyboard parts were recorded in Cyprus with Philip Zilfo. “Black Hearse Serenade” was then mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering.

“Black Hearse Serenade” marks a substantial step forward for I.N.C., while also representing a bit of a departure from the sound they’ve been recognized for in the past. Fans should expect the unexpected with “Black Hearse Serenade”, as each song has its own, unique DNA. I.N.C. has broken out of the thrash box with this album, and hopes to bring its existing fans along for the ride.


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Former SLAYER and current PHILM drummer Dave Lombardo was interviewed on the latest installment of Australia’s “Blood, Sweat And Metal” podcast. You can now listen to the chat using the widget below.

Asked to elaborate on his recent comment that the current SLAYER lineup is missing a “certain magic” that the band’s original formation — featuring Lombardo on drums and late Jeff Hanneman on guitar — had, Dave said: “Being… not a musical purist… I don’t wanna myself that… but I appreciate certain lineups and the works that some of these musicians have done together. And I think that’s what I appreciate and I embrace. The members that it took to produce that album. So, let’s say, with KISS, I really liked ‘Destroyer’, and I also loved ‘Dressed To Kill’. There’s several albums that some people would not probably think, but I do, because as a unit, the album, you know, has a good feeling throughout every song. So that’s what I go for. But that’s my personal opinion. Some people like… What was the one album after ‘Dynasty’ when they got the new member? Or was it ‘Dynasty’? it just wasn’t the same. It was either that or I had outgrown the band. You see, that sometimes happens. Sometimes you outgrow a band and when you go back and listen to a particular album, it just doesn’t appeal to you anymore, because you’ve evolved in what you’re listening to.”

Lombardo told “Let There Be Talk” podcast about the musical chemistry of the original SLAYER lineup: “I appreciate the nucleus of the band. Like [John] Bonham. When Bonham was part of [LED] ZEPPELIN. When his son [Jason] took over, oh my God. C’mon. Really? I have respect for Jason and for what he’s done, but when he put a double-bass pedal on a single bass drum, that just blew it for me. It’s, like, ‘Really, dude? Your dad was about single bass.’

“There is a certain magic — just like with SLAYER, just like with AC/DC with Bon Scott — there’s a certain magic when you have those musicians and nobody could replace that. Nobody. That’s it. You can’t. Yeah, SLAYER‘s new drummer [Paul Bostaph], yeah, a lot of fans like him. But there’s that magic. It’s chemistry. It’s like when you meet a girl and you two get along really well, and it’s like a chemistry; it’s something special. Same thing with the band: you get these four guys, [and] they may hate each other, but on stage, there’s magic. And that’s what’s missing, I personally believe.”

Lombardo was effectively fired from SLAYER after sitting out the band’s Australian tour in February/March 2013 due to a contract dispute with the other members of the group. Filling in for him was Jon Dette (TESTAMENT, ANTHRAX).

PHILM will release its sophomore album, “Fire From The Evening Sun”, on September 16 (one day earlier internationally) via UDR. The band’s lineup is completed by guitarist/vocalist Gerry Paul Nestler (CIVIL DEFIANCE), and bassist Francisco “Pancho” Eduardo Tomaselli (WAR).

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Party Smasher Inc. – the new musician / illustrator / photography site created by Dillinger Escape plan’s Ben Weinman – has released a new video interview with actor Madds Mikkelsen, in which he discusses horror movies, classic rock, and more. Check it out below, and Party Smasher also comments: “Mads Mikkelsen is the Danish actor currently killing it (literally) as Hannibal Lector on the hit show Hannibal.

The post Madds Mikkelsen Talks Horror, Rock, And More In Party Smasher Interview appeared first on Daily Heavy Metal News.

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“Hector’s Hymn”, the new 11Frames Productions-directed clip from Swedish metallers HAMMERFALL, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band’s new album, “(r)Evolution”, which will be released on August 29 in Europe and September 2 in North America via Nuclear Blast.

After taking a creative break last year, HAMMERFALL is fully recharged and back with a vengeance.

The first single from “(r)Evolution”, “Bushido”, was released on July 18 digitally as well as on vinyl. The song sums up the band and its history perfectly, seeing as “bushido” means “the way of the warrior” in Japanese.

Comments HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak: “This album has more single quality songs than anyone we’ve ever done before, as evidenced by the fact that pretty much the only single choice we all could agree on was ‘Bushido’. It captures the essence HAMMERFALL as much as any other song we have ever written, and it is one of the absolute strongest efforts from our camp, ever. It’s filled with energy, hunger and pure adrenaline, and if you don’t like this one, you have no love for HAMMERFALL heavy metal!”

With “(r)Evolution”, HAMMERFALL takes things back to the roots in many ways, as the band once again worked with producer Fredrik Nordström, who helmed HAMMERFALL‘s two milestone releases “Glory To The Brave” and “Legacy Of Kings” during the group’s early years and thus played a major part in the development of HAMMERFALL.

The music for “(r)Evolution” was recorded in March and April at guitarist Oscar Dronjak‘s Castle Black Studios. Singer Joacim Cans then went to the United States for vocal recordings, once again working with James Michael (SCORPIONS, MÖTLEY CRÜE), who previously collaborated with HAMMERFALL on “Infected”. The album was mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman.

“(r)Evolution” represents yet another reunion of sorts for HAMMERFALL, who hired cover artist Andreas Marschall, the “father” of HAMMERFALL‘s mascot Hector, to design the artwork for the new CD.

“(r)Evolution” track listing:

01. Hector’s Hymn
02. (r)Evolution
03. Bushido
04. Live Life Loud
05. Ex Inferis
06. We Won’t Back Down
07. Winter Is Coming
08. Origins
09. Tainted Metal
10. Evil Incarnate
11. Wildfire


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Nonpoint have released the first in a series of studio videos showing the progress of their upcoming 7th album.

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Reunited ’80s cult metal outfit SANCTUARY will release its comeback album, “The Year The Sun Died”, on October 14 in North America and October 6 in Europe via Century Media. Recorded in Seattle at Soundhouse Studios with producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris (SOULFLY, SHADOWS FALL, HATEBREED, MUNICIPAL WASTE), the CD will feature 11 tracks. There will be a deluxe media book, available exclusively at CM Distro in the United States, which features expanded packaging and the bonus track, a cover of THE DOORS classic “Waiting For The Sun”. The vinyl version will come with a CD featuring this bonus track as well. The cover artwork for the album was created by Travis Smith (OPETH, NEVERMORE).

“The Year The Sun Died” track listing

01. Arise And Purify
02. Let The Serpent Follow Me
03. Exitium (Anthem Of The Living)
04. Question Existence Fading
05. I Am Low
06. Frozen
07. One Final Day (Sworn To Believe)
08. The World Is Wired
09. The Dying Age
10. Ad Vitam Aeternam
11. The Year The Sun Died

The song “Arise And Purify” can be streamed below.

Comments SANCTUARY singer Warrel Dane: “Now that hell has officially frozen over and the pigs have flown, I can proudly say ‘The Year The Sun Died’ is finished. The record that nobody thought would ever get here has come in kicking… and yes, there is screaming!

“Working with Zeuss (a.k.a The Commander) was great. He really pushed us all to be better.

“This is a very modern-sounding record with roots still firmly planted in old-school six-string metal and I gotta give him creds for that.”

In 2010, four of the founding SANCTUARY members — Warrel Dane, Jim Sheppard, Lenny Rutledge and Dave Budbill — came together for a few select reunion performances. At first, it was just going to be a handful of shows, but the response and chemistry on stage was so overwhelming that the guys changed their minds. Now, some 20 years after they left off, SANCTUARY has continued with its unique mix of U.S. power metal, hard rock and progressive elements.

To complete the lineup, Brad Hull (FORCED ENTRY) is filling in for former guitar player Sean Blosi.

SANCTUARY released the classic albums “Refuge Denied” and “Into The Mirror Black” during its short existence between 1985 and 1992. Following the band’s split, Dane and Sheppard formed NEVERMORE.

In a 2012 interview with GetYourRockOut, Dane stated about SANCTUARY‘s new material: “We’ve got so much stuff written that it’s hard to sort through, but we played two new songs [at the 2012 edition of the Bloodstock Open Air festival]. We played the one ballad, it’s called ‘I Am Low’, and we played another one called ‘The World Is Wired’. Some of the other stuff is a little heavier, but those songs, I think, are… Sometimes the stuff that isn’t as heavy is stronger, so that’s why we picked those.”

He added, “I don’t think anybody is gonna be disappointed, because I am involved in the creative process and I know what’s going on and I know where we’re going and I know it’s gonna be killer.”

Regarding how SANCTUARY‘s reformation came about, Dane told Rock My Monkey TV, “[SANCTUARY guitarist Lenny Rutledge and I] always talked to each other, but never really been friends again. And when the whole thing came about, that we were actually friends again, that’s when we started talking more about doing it. And it definitely wasn’t because NEVERMORE was imploding… which it was, at that point . . . We all just started talking with each other again. That was kind of the groundwork for it. And then we started saying, ‘Well, gosh, let’s make music again.’ And my god! Lenny is writing some stuff that is so friggin great! Obviously, he’s been bottling this up for years, because he really hasn’t been doing anything… Well, he’s had bands here and there. But he’s really writing some great stuff that’s really inspiring me, and making me fall in love with music again, with the creative process… everything that revolves around that. Really inspiring me to write really evil lyrics.”

On the topic of the sound of SANCTUARY‘s upcoming studio album, Dane said, “This record is not going to sound like the other two. It might sound very similar to the second one (‘Into The Mirror Black’). It’s definitely not going to sound like the first one, because we’re all a little bit older and I can’t come up with a c-clamp for a scrotum and a helium tank . . . It’s not going to sound like the old ones… It’s still gonna be that good, I think, and there’s gonna be high-pitched screaming. I’m making sure of that. With NEVERMORE, high-pitched screaming was never really called for. You know, with SANCTUARY… of course it is.”

SANCTUARY‘s current lineup:

Warrel Dane – Vocals
Lenny Rutledge – Guitar
Brad Hull – Guitars
Jim Sheppard – Bass
Dave Budbill – Drums

“Arise And Purify” audio stream:

Dane and Rutledge interview about “The Year The Sun Died”:

Photo credit: Patrick Häberli


“The World Is Wired” (new song) 2012 performance:

“I Am Low” (new song) 2012 performance:

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Niclas Müller-Hansen of RockSverige.se recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

RockSverige.se: Do you have any regrets in your career?

Sebastian: Yeah, definitely, but more in my personal life than my career. Actually, I don’t have too many regrets in my career, but in my personal life, I’ve gone through some shit that I can’t explain. Losing your home in a hurricane is brutal. Just to go through that… I’ll never really get over that. I hope I do, but I haven’t yet. I still have to get up in the morning and fucking read e-mails about that shit. Deal with money, insurance, the government, the city and zoning and the cops. My fucking life isn’t what you think it is. When you ask why I have lyrics like these, I have to deal with so much fucking shit! I want people to listen to my music and have fun, so I don’t really wanna describe it all. I still own the house and I still have to deal with it, you know. It’s still mine and it’s fucked up!

RockSverige.se: I recently read an interview where you said something about being the last one putting out CDs?

Sebastian: Not the last, but I honestly don’t know if there will be another one. I probably will, but I don’t think that format’s gonna be around. It’s gonna get rare and rarer. I feel it going away and it’s not fun. I read Nikki Sixx — who I’ve been in a war with about fucking nothing, just complete garbage — but he said something even I agree with. There’s your headline! “Sebastian Bach agrees with Nikki Sixx!” [Laughs] “The war is over!” He said, “No fan understands the amount of effort, time and money we put into these fucking albums.” You can’t imagine! Over six figures and I wanna say this, because I don’t think people know that. It’s a ton of money. I could’ve bought another fucking house, but instead, I did this album and I love it. The amount of time you put into it and the amount of effort and hard emotion and money you put into it, in the current state it doesn’t equal because there’s nowhere to play it. Nikki said that classic rock stations will play MÖTLEY CRÜE and SKID ROW, but those same stations won’t play “Give ‘Em Hell” or “Saints Of Los Angeles”, and it’s bullshit! They made their whole fucking career on playing our shit, and it’s like they owe it to us to play the new shit! The fans fucking love it, and it’s just stupid. Like the song “Temptation” and the video, it’s fucking amazing! It’s killer, and also “Saints Of Los Angeles”, it’s fucking classic CRÜE! Then he said that the active rock stations won’t play that, so he’s, like, “Wow, this fucking sucks!” [Laughs] I’ll always make music somehow, but I don’t know in what form it will come out. That’s beyond my control.

RockSverige.se: I guess kids today think you make an album in your bedroom, put it out and make tons of money.

Sebastian: They don’t understand. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I worked on “Give ‘Em Hell” every day for over a year. I make playlists on my iPhone of whatever riffs I’ve got to sing to, John 5, Duff McKagan, Steve Stevens, and I put these on my phone and arrange them. I started a fucking year and a half ago and then every day I’d go running and listen to it. I don’t listen to other bands or the radio. I just listen to that fucking playlist until I like it and it’s torture! And the fans don’t get it! Well, they do get it though, but what they don’t get is how long and how many hours are put into it. It’s insane! It’s like making a movie or a TV show. You’re in there every day, in the studio, figuring it out and shit. The results are killer, but it would be nice if there was a radio station that could just play it. There are so many rules that just sucks, like Nikki Sixx said. [Laughs]

RockSverige.se: Still, metal fans are the ones buying albums and sticking with their bands.

Sebastian: My ultimate dream would be to be Neil Young or Willie Nelson. It is what I am, actually. I roll around the country, have a fucking smoke, get up there and play like shit. [Laughs] They play on huge stages and they can breathe on that fucking stage. I hate that sometimes people think that a SKID ROW reunion would somehow be better than what I just did, because these players I have now are fucking incredible! If anything, I play better with like Bobby [Jarzombek] on the drums. Every time I step on the stage with him, he makes me better as a frontman and a singer. He’s one of the best drummers on the planet. I went to see Neil Young two years ago at the Hollywood Bowl and it was $350 to see and 25.000 people. He’s ancient and he’s just up there being himself and that’s what I want. That’s my ultimate dream and I hope when I’m 65 the fans will come out and let me sing to them. My voice has got a life on its own; it’s a fucking instrument.

Read the entire interview at RockSverige.se.

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Swedish power metal act HammerFall premiered the new music video for the track “Hector’s Hymn” over at Metal Hammer’s website at this location (also in the player below). The song is the opening song from the new album “(r)Evolution,” which drops on August 27th (SWE), August 29th (EU), Sept. 1st (UK) and Sept.

The post Music Video For New Track “Hector’s Hymn” Premiered By HammerFall appeared first on Daily Heavy Metal News.

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Progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER will release “Breaking The Fourth Wall (Live From The Boston Opera House)”, a live Blu-ray/DVD set of the band’s one-of-a-kind performance from the Boston Opera House on March 25, 2014. Produced by the band’s own John Petrucci, filmed and directed by Pierre and François Lamoureux, and mixed and mastered by Richard Chycki, “Breaking The Fourth Wall (Live From The Boston Opera House)” is over two hours in length, capturing the special evening, which featured guest performances from The Berklee College Of Music Orchestra And Choir.

Due on September 30 via Roadrunner, “Breaking The Fourth Wall (Live From The Boston Opera House)” will be available in multiple configurations including Blu-ray, a two-DVD set, and a webstore deluxe exclusive Blu-ray/three-CD set with poster, all currently available for pre-order via the Roadrunner Records webstore. Furthermore, DREAM THEATER has premiered a video of “The Looking Glass” (live) taken from “Breaking The Fourth Wall (Live From The Boston Opera House)”, which can be seen below. All pre-orders for the webstore exclusive will receive an instant download of “The Looking Glass” (live).

DREAM THEATER‘s John Petrucci commented on the special event saying: “In many ways, this was a huge homecoming for the band given the history of DREAM THEATER‘s origins and ties with Berklee.

“With John [Myung, bass] and I both being alumni and Mike [Mangini, drums] having been a professor at the college for 10 years, we saw the opportunity to perform together with the students of Berklee as a tremendous thrill and honor.

“We are extremely grateful for everyone’s hard work in making this special event a reality and to all who participated.”

He continued: “All of the Berklee College instrumentalists and vocalists did an outstanding job that night and it was awesome to have one of its students, Eren Başbuğ orchestrate and conduct them live at the Opera House after having been a part of our latest studio release in the same capacity.

DREAM THEATER has always had a great connection to the city of Boston and we knew that against the backdrop of the beautiful Opera House, this would end up being a historic stop on our ‘Along For The Ride’ world tour and an evening most definitely worth capturing on video.

“Beautifully filmed and directed by Pierre Lamoureux and brilliantly mixed and mastered by Richard Chycki, this is, in my opinion, a major highlight in our nearly 30-year career as a band. We are eagerly anticipating its release this fall and really hope that everyone enjoys it!”

DREAM THEATER keyboardist, Jordan Rudess spoke to GetYourRockOut at this year’s Sonisphere festival in the U.K. about whether the band has already begun thinking about the follow-up to last year’s self-titled release. He said: “We haven’t really gotten into serious band discussions about what’s gonna happen next, although we’ve had little discussions between some of us about what we would like to see happen next. At the same, if I get a good idea in the middle of the night, or whatever, I’ll record it onto my iPhone. I elected James [LaBrie, vocals] to kind of be the keeper of some of my ideas; I’ll send him little YouTube clips of me playing something I think is cool. And then when it wraps around and we get into writing again and start our process, then we’ll go back an see what we’ve got and kind of figure it out.”

Rudess also reassured fans that there are no plans for DREAM THEATER to stop making new music and become a nostalgia act. He said: “Oh, no no no. We love what we do. We’re passionate about making music and as composers; that’s just who we are. DREAM THEATER has never been a band that hit at a particular fashionable point and said, ‘OK, that’s basically it.’ We’re a band that really… It’s important to us to write music and put it out there and to work together. And we love it. And that’s why we keep going.”

DREAM THEATER‘s latest, self-titled album sold around 34,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 7 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on September 24, 2013 via Roadrunner.


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Seminal Swedish metallers AT THE GATES hawill release their much-anticipated comeback studio album, “At War With Reality”, on October 28 (one day earlier internationally) via Century Media. The CD was recorded at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg and was mixed at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden with Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, SOILWORK, PARADISE LOST, KREATOR). The cover artwork for the effort was designed by Costin Chioreanu, who has previously also worked with bands such as ARCH ENEMY, MORGOTH and DARKTHRONE. Chioreanu gave the strong lyrical theme of “At War With Reality” an outstanding conceptual togetherness with the visuals he crafted for this project.

AT THE GATES vocalist and lyricist Tomas Lindberg checked in with the following comment, explaining the album’s theme: “The concept of ‘At War With Reality’ is based on the literary genre called ‘magic realism.’ The main style within this genre is the notion that ‘reality’ is ever-changing, and needs to be constantly re-discovered and re-conquered.

“We felt that Costin‘s artwork style would be the perfect visual contribution to this album, so he became the natural choice…”

AT THE GATES guitarist and main songwriter Anders Björler added: “I got in touch with Costin a few years back. I was immediately impressed with his dark and original style. He collaborated on some T-shirt designs for AT THE GATES as well as designing the album artwork for my instrumental project. We realized pretty early on that his style would accompany the music and the concept perfectly.”

Said Chioreanu: “I have been waiting for this album for almost 20 years and it’s the biggest honor for me to illustrate it — as there is no greater achievement for a dreamer than the moment when the dream becomes reality.

‘At War With Reality’ is by far the most complex visual story I have ever created, from all points of view. From the very first moment the band presented the concept, I found it extremely stunning and at the same time super-challenging.

“I like to think that visual art and music are tools to explore our minds — to create, to discover and to push the limits.

AT THE GATES, one of my all-time favorite metal bands, offered me a chance to explore a new dimension.”

Songtitles set to appear on “At War With Reality” include: “Death And The Labyrinth”, “The Circular Ruins”, “The Conspiracy Of The Blind”, “Order From Chaos”, “Eater Of Gods” and “Upon Pillars Of Dust”.

In a recent interview with Noisey, Lindberg said about the songwriting process for “At War With Reality”: “With this album, there was really two ways we could go into it. We could be really calculating and go, ‘Oh shit, this is really important. People are gonna really expect a lot. This is the most important album we’ve done.’ We could go into that way and overthink everything, and we’re still very meticulous about all the details, of course, but the other way would be just to go wherever the thing takes us. It sounds very cosmic or philosophical, but the music is out there. You just need the fucking medium to get it out to the people.”

He added: “We really just fed off each other during the whole process. I mean, this album has been in all our heads the whole time since we first started working on it. There was always an idea the whole time. A small part, and then we’d say, ‘Oh yeah, that’s the whole song. Let’s do that!’ We’re all in the process, and we’re all focused, so when I’d get an idea, it might be too crazy, but these two guys [bassist Jonas Björler and guitarist Anders Björler] can put in the right place.”

Lindberg told Decibel magazine about what happened to change the bandmembers’ minds about making a new CD in the six years since the AT THE GATES reunion was first announced: “I think a lot happened, mentally, when we decided to continue touring. When we started to do the global thing in 2011. That whole idea of being an active band, touring and hanging out, just grew on us, I guess.

“To be able to be in a band that has no internal problems whatsoever, to be able to tour around the world together with some of your best friends, it’s just incredible, mind-blowing even. Then the idea just grew on us.

“I play in a band that involves some of my favorite musicians and songwriters and we are all still very hungry, creatively. I think that you can hear that in all our other projects, they are very alive and pushing boundaries still — from Anders‘ [Björler, guitar] solo album, to AGRIMONIA, to the new reinvigorated THE HAUNTED lineup, to DISFEAR and LOCK UP, to PARADISE LOST and VALLENFYRE. We feel that we have great and relevant new music in us. And we know how important this next album will be.

“When Anders came around saying that he had been jamming some new ideas around, it was not hard to make the decision to go ‘all in,’ so to say.

“I know it’s kind of a gamble or what you want to call it. But this is a very creative album that we are writing right now, it’s not a comfortable ‘Slaughter Of The Soul Pt. 2′ or anything like that, it’s an album that I feel is pushing our own boundaries, and challenges our collective creative intellect. And that is the main reason for us to do this, it’s for our own sake.

“We could easily go out and continue touring the old stuff successfully for quite a while, I think, but this is us putting ourselves on the line here, and we do that solely because we feel that we need to do this, this material is too strong to say no to.”

Lindberg also spoke about not wanting to live up to people’s expectations of making another album in the vein of “Slaughter Of The Soul”.

“We have gone beyond the idea of making ‘Slaughter Of The Soul Pt. 2′, which was actually never the idea to start with,” he explained. “This is an album that is so full on conceptually and creatively, so involved and ambitious that I am almost compelled to call it pretentious. And that brings me back to the feeling that was with us when we were creating ‘With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness’. I’m not saying that this album sounds like that album, but it has that burning urge, the sense of importance that album is trying to portray.

“As I have always stated, we are an honest band, a band that is very focused on being true to ourselves and never follow any trends or try to portray a given perception of what people want us to be.

“What we decided on was really to let the music take us where it had to go, to go ‘all in,’ so to say.

“To answer your question, the record will be filled with a lot of the SLAYER worship and riffage that is ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’, but people will also recognize the more dark, melodic side that was ‘With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness’, and maybe some of the more pretentious arrangements that was part of our early career.”


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