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STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet has weighed in on last month’s incident when ex-PANTERA singer Philip Anselmo made a “white power” gesture onstage at a concert.

Anselmo performed the PANTERA classic “Walk” at the January 22 “Dimebash” event at the Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood, California in honor of his former bandmate, late PANTERA guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott. As he left the stage, he made a Nazi-style salute. He appeared to say “white power” as he made the gesture, but he later claimed he was referring to drinking white wine as part of an “inside joke.” Anselmo has since released a video message, saying that he “deserves completely” the “heat” that he has been getting over his actions and claiming to be “a thousand percent apologetic to anyone that took offense to what [he] said.”

Several notable musicians have come out and criticized Anselmo for his actions, including MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn, who uploaded an eleven-minute video response to the incident in which he called Anselmo a “big bully” and described Philip‘s behavior as “fucking wrong.”

Now Sweet has posted a statement on his Facebook page in which he says that he “forgives” Philip, explaining that Anselmo “legitimately seems sorrowful and regretful.”

Said Sweet: “So I’m sure everyone in the metal community has heard about the Phil Anselmo fiasco. Every metal artist practically (okay, not every, but many) have chimed in and given their two cents.

“The way I look at it is Phil made a mistake (a very serious mistake, mind you) with his racial gesture and comment.

“We all agree that there is NO place for racism in this day in age. We’re all created equal in God’s eyes and therefore should be treated equally. With respect, dignity and love. But when someone starts drinking a little too much, often enough things are done and or said that may be offensive and hurtful. It’s not an excuse, but it happens.

“What’s bothering me is the fact that the guy has offered an open (public) apology and was man enough to step up and swallow his pride to ask for forgiveness. Seems simple enough to me. He legitimately seems sorrowful and regretful.

“I forgive the guy and write it off as a mistake. Live and learn and don’t make the same mistake twice and move on.

“Maybe my way of thinking is too simple for something like this.

“I know this much, God loves him and forgives not only Phil but all of us if we ask for forgiveness. Why can’t we?

“I forgive you, Phil, and I love ya, brother.”

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“Heroes”, the new performance video from German power metallers HELLOWEEN, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band’s 15th studio album, “My God-Given Right”, which was released in May 2015 via Nuclear Blast. The CD was recorded between October 2014 and February 2015 at the band’s MiSueno Studio on the isle of Tenerife with producer Charlie Bauerfeind (GOTTHARD, HAMMERFALL).

The “My God-Given Right” artwork was once again created by graphic guru Martin Häusler (BON JOVI, QUEEN, GOTTHARD) and is also available as a 3D lenticular print.

Regarding the new CD title, HELLOWEEN bassist Markus Grosskopf told New Noise Magazine: “You’ve got the fuckin’ God-given damn right to do what you like to do. If you do something for many years, you’ve got the right to do any kind of stuff you like. You have the right to do and say anything, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. When you make the choice to do whatever you’d like to do, you’ve got to do it with all of your heart. You’ve got to do it, but you’ve got to deal with the problems that come with it.”

Grosskopf stated about the new album’s musical direction: “Today, we fool around more with arrangements. It’s a little more arranged, like what we did in the ’80s or something. But the basic track is a basic HELLOWEEN track. If somebody writes a song and the other player plays his instrument to it, he knows exactly what he needs to do, almost without asking, to make it sound like HELLOWEEN sounds like. That’s the experience you get when you do something for so many years.”

HELLOWEEN will return to North America to play select shows in February and March.


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“A Bitter Broken Memory”, the new video from the popular California rock band ATREYU, can be seen below. The clip is a compilation of various footage of the live gigs that ATREYU has been playing in the past year since the launch of the band’s sixth album, “Long Live”.

Commented ATREYU drummer/vocalist Brandon Saller: “This video essentially shows a bit of the journey that ‘Long Live’ has had so far. From being in the studio to playing club shows to playing in stadiums. We wanted to give our fans a little view of what we’ve been doing for the last year and what this record has done for us.”

“Long Live” was released in September 2015 through the Search And Destroy imprint as part of the newly announced joint venture between Raw Power Management and Spinefarm.

Asked why ATREYU decided to come back now after a four-year hiatus, guitarist Dan Jacobs told Already Heard: “It just felt right! I think it was a matter of everybody being on board at the same time. We’d gotten interest from a couple of guys here and there, but not everyone, then it would go back the other way. Some people would be interested, but not the other people and it was just, like, ‘Ugh, come on, guys! Just get everybody on the same page!’ I think everything happens for a reason, though. I feel like this is the best time for us to come back. We unintentionally starved the market, which is the best thing we could’ve done. We were really burnt out — even our fanbase was burnt out because we were touring so much; we were so accessible. By starving the market and stepping back for a bit, people are kind of, like, ‘Are they gone forever? Are they ever coming back?’ Everybody wants what they can’t have, you know? So if you take something away from somebody, then they start getting all excited and talking about it, so it worked in our favor; it’s helped launch us back into the scene.”

Dan also talked about the making of “Long Live”. He said: “We were all so excited and inspired. By the time it came around to doing it, we just pumped the songs out pretty fast. Sometimes we’d write two or three songs in one sitting, doing rough demos on our phones and sending them over to Alex [Varkatzas, vocals] and he’d come up with lyrics to it. We broke the record into two halves — we went in and recorded the first half, then came up with the vocal melodies and guitar solos for the second half in the studio as we were going along. Then when we finished the first half, we went back to the second and worked on the next five or six songs. We’d never really approached it that way before, and, for us, it was better, instead of, ‘Let’s write 15 songs and try to remember them all and write them all and play them all in one go.’ Let’s just do a few at a time and really focus on these songs, give them much more attention, that way they can be the best they can be.”

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Upcoming Releases: However, PT is now just a "side project" for Steven.

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General Music News: Yes, they were not just about violins…

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Entertainment: Hate all ya want, Uncle UG got a chuckle out of this one.

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General Music News: There were a million reasons why Bruce is awesome, this is a million and one.

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Upcoming Tours: In official updates – second Mexico City gig confirmed.

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DELTA DEEP, the critically acclaimed blues-based band featuring Phil Collen (lead guitarist of DEF LEPPARD) and Robert DeLeo (bassist for STONE TEMPLE PILOTS), in addition to Debbi Blackwell-Cook (back-up vocalist for such artists as Michael Buble and Gregory Hines) and Forrest Robinson (drummer for India.Arie, Joe Sample & THE CRUSADERS, TLC), is set to continue its 2016 “Sugar Shack” tour with a run up the East Coast this spring. Beginning on March 28 in Washington, D.C., the quartet will hit Philly, Asbury Park, Northampton, Massachusetts before heading into New York City, Boston and finishing up with a spot at Daryl’s House, the venue owned by HALL & OATES‘s Darryl Hall. The East Coast leg of the “Sugar Shack” tour ends on April 8 in Bay Shore, NY with more dates to be announced shortly.

DELTA DEEP will be touring in support of their soon to be released live album, featuring songs recorded during the inaugural January “Sugar Shack” West Coast run. The January trek featured sold-out shows, with fans and critics alike raving about the band’s live show.

DELTA DEEP‘s East Coast “Sugar Shack” tour:

Mar. 28 – Howard Theatre – Washington, DC
Mar. 29 – Ortlieb’s Lounge – Philadelphia, PA
Mar. 30 – Wonder Bar – Asbury Park, NJ
Mar. 31 – Iron Horse Music Hall – Northampton, MA
Apr. 03 – BB Kings – New York, NY
Apr. 05 – Cavern Club at Hard Rock Café – Boston, MA
Apr. 06 – Daryl’s House – Pawling, NY
Apr. 08 – YMCA Boulton Center – Bay Shore, NY

DELTA DEEP‘s self-titled debut album, a mix of original and hand-picked cover tracks, was released in June 2015 on Mailboat Records and also features special guest appearances by DEF LEPPARD vocalist Joe Elliott, WHITESNAKE‘s David Coverdale, SEX PISTOLS/MANRAZE drummer Paul Cook, and GIRL/MANRAZE bassist Simon Laffy.

Collen initially started DELTA DEEP in 2012 after jamming at home over the course of a year with friend and relative Debbi Blackwell-Cook (Blackwell-Cook is the godmother of Collen‘s wife, Helen). What started as a casual pairing singing Motown and classic blues staples while Debbi frequently visited Collen‘s home quickly turned into much more. Collen, Helen, and Debbi began writing original music which Collen and Debbi recorded in Collen‘s home studio. Later that year, a chance meeting re-acquainted Collen with Memphis native and enigmatic heavy metal, jazz, and R&B drummer Forrest Robinson. A friend suggested giving STP bassist Robert DeLeo a call. Sharing a loving affinity for soul, funk and the blues, DeLeo was the perfect fit. According to Collen: “We really wanted Robert in this band. He had the added firepower of being the premiere pioneer and most ‘badass bass player’ to come out of the alternative rock explosion.”

The best description of DELTA DEEP, a multi-racial band, has been “Aretha and Tina in their prime singing over early ZEPPELIN.” Original song and lead-off single “Bang The Lid” introduces the musical synchronicity of Collen, Blackwell-Cook, DeLeo and Robinson. Blackwell-Cook also duets with Collen on the album tracks as well as with featured vocalists Joe Elliott (“Mistreated”) and WHITESNAKE‘s David Coverdale (“Private Number”). Legendary SEX PISTOLS drummer Paul Cook and Collen‘s former bandmate from GIRL, bass player Simon Laffy, guest on the classic cover “Black Coffee”. Guesting on the DELTA DEEP original song “Burnt Sally” is keyboardist CJ Vanston (Tina Turner, TOTO, Joe Cocker, Carol King) adding to the soulful tune on the Hammond 3 Organ.

DELTA DEEP in November released an original Christmas song, “Take Me Home For Christmas”.

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Upcoming Releases: The record is due on February 19.

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