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Behind-the-scenes and performance footage from KAMELOT‘s June 6 performance at the Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden can be seen below.

Keyboardist Oliver Palotai sat out KAMELOT‘s fall 2013 North American tour so he could stay home with longtime girlfriend Simone Simons, (EPICA singer) as they awaited the birth of their first child. Filling in for him was Coen Janssen of EPICA.

KAMELOT‘s latest album, “Silverthorn”, sold 5,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 79 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band’s previous CD, “Poetry For The Poisoned”, opened with around 6,100 units in September 2010 to enter the chart at No. 74.

“Silverthorn” was released on October 30, 2012 in North America, October 26, 2012 in Germany and October 29, 2012 in the rest of Europe via Steamhammer/SPV. The CD marks the band’s first release with Tommy Karevik, the Swedish vocalist who previously fronted SEVENTH WONDER (a group that he is still a member of).

In a 2012 interview with Loudwire, KAMELOT guitarist Thomas Youngblood stated about what Karevik brings to the band: “I think when we knew we had to bring in a new person on vocals, we wanted the opportunity to grow the band, not just to maintain the band or survive. We wanted to look at this as an opportunity to make the band bigger, [and] I think with Tommy we can do that. Not only is he an exceptional singer, he’s a great songwriter and he’s way ahead of what I thought he would be in terms of being a frontman. People who come out to shows will see that this guy is a force to be reckoned with. I can’t imagine a better choice, honestly. In the beginning, when this whole thing started, we were a little unsure of what the future might be, but now we’re really excited about it.”

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KING DIAMOND played its first show with new bassist, Swedish musician Pontus Egberg (THE POODLES, LION’S SHARE, ZAN CLAN), last night (Friday, July 25) at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden. Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below.

Egberg joined KING DIAMOND following the recent departure of Hal Patino.

Patino released a statement on July 20 calling KING DIAMOND‘s frontman and namesake “a tired, bitter, old man” and denying that he has a drug problem, despite the singer’s implications to the contrary.

After King announced Hal‘s exit from KING DIAMOND, Patino posted a message of his own claiming that he was offered a “totally ridiculous” salary for the band’s five shows this summer, calling the move “disrespectful” and insisting that he quit the band in disgust two days before King announced Patino was “relieved of his duties” as the bassist for KING DIAMOND. King then responded with a lengthy posting on his Facebook page, accusing Patino of “putting out extreme lies” about King‘s character and slamming Hal for asking for more money at the last minute after the rest of the band and the crew already accepted the same salary as they had received for last year’s European tour.

KING DIAMOND in December 2012 signed a new three-album worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records. The band is expected to begin work on a new CD later in the year for a 2015 release.


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Loaded Radio‘s Scott Penfold recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On the status of the songwriting sessions for MEGADETH‘s follow-up to 2013′s “Super Collider”:

Mustaine: “We’re taking our time with this one. The last record we’ve done, we felt we were really on a positive upswing with [producer] Johnny K and we were excited to get in and do the record. But looking back over time, all the records that we had a lot of success with, personally…. Because, I mean, at the end of the day, if you don’t like what you’re doing, then what’s the point? But the ones that we really got the most enjoyment out of was the ones that took the longest to write. We would sit with the songs and let them digest and assimilate and become part of us, instead of, ‘OK, that’s a great song. Let’s go.’ Or versus, ‘You know what? Would it be better if we [played] this part one more time or cut that one in half or sped this up a little bit. There’s so many variables.”

On whether he still gets pressure to get guitarist Marty Friedman and drummer Nick Menza back in MEGADETH:

Mustaine: “Yeah, but that makes as much sense as somebody saying, ‘Put a rotten tooth back in your mouth.’ Don’t get me wrong, but I’ve seen stuff that Menza‘s been saying [in interviews and online postings], and it’s unfortunate. And I know that Marty‘s happy doing what he’s doing. And frankly, if I wanted to get them back in the band, I would have worked it out, but I don’t want ‘em in the band. I think that Shawn [Drover, current MEGADETH drummer] is, all around, if you add all the parts up, is way more what I want in my life and my band, and the same thing with Chris [Broderick, current MEGADETH guitarist]. We all have our peculiarities. I’m strange by the definition myself, and I’m sure you are too, but that’s what makes us unique and awesome and cool and everything like that. Because if we were all the same, one of us would be unnecessary. I kind of like the fact that you never know what you’re gonna get with these guys; they’re funny, their sense of humor is really dry, and they love the fans. There’s no ‘I’m in it for myself’ bullcrap and ‘I can’t wait to do my solo albums’ kind of stuff that’ll tear a bunch of bands apart. If you look back at my career, I’ve been doing this for 33 years, almost, and I’ve only done one thing outside of MEGADETH, and that was the MD.45 thing, and that was because I loved FEAR; I thought FEAR was one of the greatest punk bands from America ever. I’m sure people will disagree, but I don’t care.”

On whether there has been any more talk of further “Big Four” shows with METALLICA, SLAYER and ANTHRAX:

Mustaine: “The thing about reconciliation is… it kind of is like that story about the monk that was walking down the river and saw a woman out in the middle and the tide was coming and he rolled up his garment and went out and got her and set her down on the side of the river bank and continued his journey. And about a mile later, another monk standing next to him said, ‘Isn’t it against our vows to have touched a woman?’ And he goes, ‘You know, I set her down a mile ago, yet you still carry her.’ And, to me, that’s… a lot of these people, they’re still carrying the woman when it comes down to this whole thing about us and METALLICA having some kind of a grudge. We don’t. In fact, I just recently contacted James [Hetfield] when people were attacking him about the whole PETA thing. And I just told him, I said, ‘Look, man, you’re my brother and I love you. Just be strong and it’ll blow over.’ Coming from a guy that’s no stranger to controversy. I still love James a lot. That’s part of the reason why there was so much emotion about it… I mean, it’s kind of like when you really like a girl and you go up to ask her to dance and she says ‘no’ and you walk away and you say, ‘Well, F you.’”

On joining METALLICA on stage in December 2011 at one of four intimate shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco as part of the band’s week-long celebration of its 30th anniversary as a group for fan club members only:

Mustaine: “Well, they gave me an invitation and I thought it was really awesome. And I had asked them, ‘Do you want me to just play rhythm?’ Because, you know, Kirk‘s [Hammett] in the band. And Lars [Ulrich] said, ‘No. Play your stuff.’ And I went, ‘Alright. Now we’re talking.’ So I went up there and I did my thing. And it was great. I imagine it must have been really awkward for Kirk watching me play the songs the way that they were supposed to be played in the beginning, but that’s open for his artistic interpretation. If he doesn’t wanna play it the way that I played it, hey, that’s cool.”

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During a brand new interview with Lithium Magazine, CINDERELLA frontman Tom Keifer spoke about what a significant influence late blues guitar legend Johnny Winter was on his musical development.

“I didn’t even realize how big he was in my life until the news [of Winter's recent passing] hit me,” he said. “I started thinking back, and to be honest, I am still kind of broken up about his passing. He was a huge influence on me — that blues element and the slide guitar and the amount of fire that he had in his playing and singing. And certainly his use of the resonator guitar, the National Steel, was something that he really inspired me to pick up. And the day after he died, I had an epiphany in that as much as I have always named him as an influence and always realized what and influence he was, it kind of dawned on me that he was one of the biggest — if not the biggest — in terms of some of the things that were unique to CINDERELLA like the slide guitars and resonator guitars and the bright fiery tone of the Gibson Firebird [guitar] that I have been playing for years.”

The 53-year-old Keifer, who was born and raised in Springfield, Pennsylvania, previously described CINDERELLA‘s sound as “blues-based hard rock with melodic lyrics that were just about everyday things.”

He told Lithium Magazine: “My first exposure to the blues was from the second generation, through Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and all the 1970s rock bands that I listened to, including THE [ROLLING] STONES. I didn’t even know what the blues was, I just knew I liked how Jimmy Page played. An older guy that was in my band at the time showed up one day at my house with the album ‘B.B. King Live At The Regal’, and started playing it. I was 17 or 18 and I remember clearly looking at him and saying, ‘This guy sounds like Jimmy Page.’ And he just kind of smiled and said, ‘No, actually it’s the other way around.’ And that’s when I first realized that my heroes had heroes and influences. So then I started digging back into the blues and that’s when I got turned on to Elmore James and Muddy Waters, Albert King, Son House and Robert Johnson. Somewhere in that mix, Johnny Winter appeared too.”

Keifer‘s debut solo album, “The Way Life Goes”, sold 5,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 78 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was released on April 30, 2013 via Merovee Records (through Warner Music Group‘s Independent Label Group).

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TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider is one of the producers behind the off-Broadway show “Puppet Titus Andronicus”. Directed by Ryan Rinkel, “Puppet Titus Andronicus” began preview performances this past Thursday, July 24 at Off-Broadway at Theatre Row’s Beckett Theatre (410 West 42nd Street) in Manhattan, prior to an official press opening of July 30, and will continue to play through August 17.

It’s “Avenue Q” meets the Reduced Shakespeare Company — “Puppet Titus Andronicus” is a fresh, comedic take on Shakespeare‘s “worst” play, featuring silly-string gore, a bunch of angry goths, a villainous anthropomorphic boar and all of the deaths, dismemberment, cannibalism and crimes against humanity that make “Titus” the “poetic atrocity” that it is.

The cast of “Puppet Titus Andronicus” features Adam Weppler (“Beckett in Benghazi”), Sarah Villegas (“Little Shop of Horrors”), Christopher Gebauer, Alex Offenkrantz, Tom Foran (“A Dream Play”), Drew Torkelson (“Digital Dilemmas”), Shane Snider (“Puppet Romeo and Juliet”), A.J. Cote (“Puppet Hamlet”), Mindy Leanse (“The Ruin”), Ryan Rinkel, Ross Hamman (“Pick Your Poison: All’s Fair In Love And War”) and Abby Judd (“Azalea Path”).

Set design for “Puppet Titus Andronicus” is by Holly Trotta and Kevin O’Callaghan (inductee into the Art Directors Hall Of Fame); lighting design by Leslie Smith; sound design by John Hull; costume design by Suzette Snider; and puppet design by A.J. Cote.

The Puppet Shakespeare Players combine Muppet-style puppetry with improvisational comedy and first folio techniques to create a theater going experience that is truly unique. Past shows include “Puppet Hamlet” and “Puppet Romeo And Juliet”.

“Puppet Titus Andronicus” will be performed through August 17, with a performance schedule of Tuesdays at 7 p.m., Wednesdays through Fridays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. (Please note: the opening night performance of “Puppet Titus Andronicus” on Wednesday, July 30 will have a curtain time of 6:30 p.m.). Tickets for $49 and can be purchased calling 212-239-6200 or online at TeleCharge.com.

Snider appeared on WPIX-TV this past week to discuss his involvement with “Puppet Titus Andronicus”. You can now watch the segment below.

For more information about “Puppet Titus Andronicus”, visit www.PuppetShakespeare.org.


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Underkill TV conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach on July 19 at the Steelhouse festival in Ebbw Vale, Wales, United Kingdom. You can now watch the chat below.

Bach‘s new solo album, “Give ‘Em Hell”, sold around 4,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 72 on The Billboard 200 chart. Released on April 22 via Frontiers Records, the follow-up to 2011′s “Kicking & Screaming” was once again produced by Bob Marlette, who has previously worked with ROB ZOMBIE, BLACK SABBATH and SHINEDOWN, among others.

“Give ‘Em Hell” was mastered at Precision Mastering in Los Angeles with Tom Baker.

Sebastian managed to involve in the writing and recording some very special friends and guest stars, including none other than Duff McKagan (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N’ ROSES), and not one but two top-class guitar players: John 5 (MARILYN MANSON, ROB ZOMBIE) and Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOL). Rounding out the lineup on the CD are Devin Bronson (AVRIL LAVIGNE, PINK) on guitar and Bobby Jarzombek (HALFORD, RIOT, FATES WARNING) on drums. Duff and Sebastian previously collaborated on Duff‘s solo album “Believe In Me”.

The cover for “Give ‘Em Hell” was once again handled by Richard Villa, who worked on “Kicking & Screaming”. Incorporated into the album design is one of the paintings by Sebastian‘s late father David Bierk, who painted the artwork for SKID ROW‘s “Slave To The Grind”, inside artwork for SKID ROW‘s “Subhuman Race”, and Bach‘s solo albums “Angel Down” and “Bring ‘Em Bach Alive!”.

The video for the CD’s first single, “Temptation”, was directed by Patrick Fogarty, who has previously worked with BLACK VEIL BRIDES, PICTURE ME BROKEN and THE BURNING OF ROME.

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On July 23, Dave Hudec and Chris Akin of “The Classic Metal Show” conducted an interview with SEVENDUST singer Lajon Witherspoon at the House Of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio. You can now watch the chat below.

The City Drive Entertainment Group has announced it has made a deal to film SEVENDUST for a landmark multi-show live DVD and documentary.

Production on the feature-length documentary will take six months and will include historical footage; footage from the band’s recent “An Evening With Sevendust” acoustic tour; interviews; and cameos from Tommy Lee (MÖTLEY CRÜE), Mark Tremonti (ALTER BRIDGE), Scott Phillips (ALTER BRIDGE and also a member of SEVENDUST guitarist John Connolly and bassist Vince Hornsby‘s band, PROJECTED), Wolfgang Van Halen and many others. City Drive/DC3 will film the concert portion of the project in New York City. They expect to film two full-length shows back-to-back: an acoustic show followed by a plugged-in show — the band’s last plugged-in show of 2014. The plugged-in show will showcase more firepower than SEVENDUST has ever deployed, with pyrotechnics, spectacular lighting, video projection and screens, and special effects. Drummer/vocalist Morgan Rose promises: “We’re going to bring on so much production, it will amaze people. We’re going to blow shit up, we’re going to have fire, we’re going to have dragons, we’re going to have fire-breathing dragons. It may be the only time fans will ever get to see us this way!”

Guitarist Clint Lowery explains: “The essence of this band is playing live and that’s what we’re finally documenting for this project. What’s unique about it is that it will share both sides of this band — the melodic and the aggressive — with our most die-hard fans. This film is a heartfelt way to show them, our children and the whole world who we were, who we became, where we are and where we’re going.”

“We’re already on the road to make this project happen,” says award-winning film director Daniel Catullo III, CEO of The City Drive Entertainment Group and DC3 Music Group, the director and producer of the project. He started shooting Sunday, June 8 at the band’s show in at the Starland Theatre in Sayreville, New Jersey, just across the river from New York City. “We aim to capture the band’s live essence — acoustic and plugged-in — as well as to document their long history of genre-bending innovation in the hard rock arena.”

“Fans will be part of the films, and how could they not be?” Catullo adds. “They are the heart of SEVENDUST‘s success and literally made the band’s current album possible.” The film will feature interviews with up to 100 fans.

SEVENDUST‘s new acoustic album, “Time Travelers & Bonfires”, sold around 15,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 19 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was made available on April 15 via 7Bros. Records, in conjunction with ADA Label Services.

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Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee wants every show on their final tour to be like a “happy funeral.”

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According to the Los Angeles Times, MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has listed his place in a gated Calabasas, California community for sale at $2.399 million. In addition, the 55-year-old rocker and his new 28-year-old wife and How2Girl founder, Courtney Bingham, spent $4.125 million on a new Westlake Village house, which has 10,300 square feet of living space.

Sixx‘s new property sits on a 1.2-acre lot and was built in 1996. Home interiors include mixed hardwood, stone tiled and carpeted flooring along with high cathedral ceilings and arched hallways. Living spaces include spacious sitting rooms, family rooms and a formal dining room. There is a modern kitchen with a breakfast area. Other features include a gym, an office, walk-in closets in the master bedrooms, a den and a bonus room.

“We are very excited for the move into our dream home this week,” Bingham told Radar Online. “I am decorating it with my How2Girl expertise. Think Ralph Lauren meets rock star!”

Sixx bought the Calabasas property for $1.89 million in 2011, public records show.

MÖTLEY CRÜE may be on its “Final Tour” with Alice Cooper at the moment, but it looks like life after the road may include changing some diapers if Sixx‘s wife has anything to do with it. After the couple wed back in March, she’s ready to start a family. Bingham told Radar Online, “Something great is coming to an end but new things are around the corner . . . When the tour is over, we intend to have a little rocker of our own! I am so excited to have my first baby with the love of my life.”

The newlywed also shared what married life has been like so far. She said, “Married life is everything I dreamed it would be. I still wake up and pinch myself every day when I see my husband. He then surprises me with lovely flowers and shows me the appreciation that anyone would want from a true gentleman. I am literally living my dream.”

Sixx already has four other children. He had three children with Brandi Brandt that include: 23-year-old Gunner Nicholas Sixx, 20-year-old Storm Breanne Sixx and 19-year-old Decker Nilsson Sixx. Sixx also has a 13-year-old daughter with Donna D’Errico named Frankie-Jean Mary Sixx.

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On July 24, DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott was interviewed on the the “Morning Jolt” show on the WDHA 105.5 FM radio station in New Jersey. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud player below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On how DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell is doing in his ongoing battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma:

Joe: “In fairness to him, he’s up and down, but he’s actually quite up at the moment. He’s playing great and he looks great; he’s having a lot of fun out on stage. He doesn’t have the big, long curls anymore, but they’ll come back, and he’s in good spirits; that’s the important thing. So he’s fighting this thing, which is Hodgkin’s lymphoma. ‘Cause we said, ‘Why don’t you just take the summer off?’ And he [said], ‘No, no. For me, this is mentally as much as it’s physical. I’ve got to do this.’ And we’re right behind him.

“Things like this will happen to anybody, in any walk of life. If you’ve got a collection of five people, and you just ask what’s happened over the last 35 years, you’ll probably find a lot more tragedy than you’ll find in our band. People focus in on those [things], whether it be Vivian or [DEF LEPPARD guitarist] Steve [Clark's death] or [drummer] Rick‘s [Allen] [car] accident [that resulted in him losing his arm], they make their big deal of it, ’cause they are a big deal, but this would happen to any random five people; you’d probably see worse things, really. But the fact is, we’re a band, and this particular lineup has been together for 22 years now — over 22 years — which is ridiculous when you think THE BEATLES were only together for eight [years].”

On QUEEN‘s decision to tour, with “American Idol” finalist Adam Lambert once again fronting the band:

Joe: “Well, I actually think that, in fairness, it’s probably a more realistic lineup than the one with Paul Rodgers, because QUEEN was very flamboyant when they had Freddie Mercuryvery, very flamboyant — and Adam Lambert is very, very flamboyant. Paul Rodgers was… not that he wasn’t flamboyant, but he’s a lot more testosterone driven than either Fred or Adam Lambert are. So, having not seen it — this is just pure guesswork and speculation on my part — I would imagine that it probably sounds closer to what QUEEN with Fred sounded, because of the way that Adam Lambert sings. It’s gonna split opinions — I know it is — because some people think that they [QUEEN] shouldn’t have this guy there, and there’s other people that are gonna think it’s great.”

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