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According to Classic Rock, former UFO and WAYSTED bassist Pete Way has been given the all-clear after a battle with prostate cancer with which he was diagnosed last year.

The 63-year-old rocker tells the magazine: “I met some amazing people during my treatment.

“I had radiotherapy and all that stuff, and I’ll never be able to listen to an addict again tell me how hard it is to stop using. I’d say, ‘You’re fucking mad — just come down to the cancer club to put it all into perspective.’

“I’m ashamed when I think of the things I did, testing every drug you can imagine.”

Way told the publication that he diagnosed last summer during a routine check on his liver, which has been damaged over the years through hepatitis. The abdominal scan picked up the tumor on his prostate.

“I thought the blood in my pee must have been linked to the drugs I had taken down the years,” he said. “When they said I had cancer, I thought I was going to die. Then when they told me it was gone, it was a strange anticlimax — now I can’t use the cancer as an excuse for having a sore head.”

“I’m sad to say that I’ve lost touch with some of the people I met during my treatment. I have no idea if some of them are alive or dead. My heart goes out to them and their families.

“I was so lucky that I had symptoms, because some people don’t, and then it can be too late to treat.

“All men over 50 should go and get tested — it’s a simple procedure and it could save your life.

“This is prostate cancer. It’s not lung cancer. It’s not pancreatic cancer. If you’re going to get cancer, this is the best one you can have — and they caught it early.”

Pete‘s new solo album, “Walking On The Edge”, is tentatively due later in the year. It is being mixed by producer/engineer Mike Clink, who has previously worked with GUNS N’ ROSES and METALLICA.

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Upcoming Releases: Californian metalheads launch track to promote debut album.

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General Music News: Deluxe editions of "Led Zeppelin IV" and "Houses of the Holy" will be released.

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Sixx:AM have confirmed their long-awaited third album will be released on October 6.

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Former IRON MAIDEN singer Paul Di’Anno‘s April 9 performance at Lizard Club in Krakow, Poland as part of the Doładowanie festival was professionally filmed for an upcoming DVD, titled “The Beast Arises”, to be released on October 6 in Europe through Metal Mind Productions and October 7 in North America via MVD. “The Beast Arises” will also be made available on CD, digital and vinyl.

The setlist for Di’Anno‘s concert in Krakow included some of the best IRON MAIDEN tracks from the period when Di’Anno was the band’s lead singer, as well as KILLERS and Di’Anno solo tracks. The DVD will also contain bonus features such as an interview with Di’Anno, a photo gallery and more.

“The Beast Arises” track listing:

01. Sanctuary
02. Purgatory
03. Wrathchild
04. Prowler
05. Marshall Lockjaw
06. Murders In The Rue Morgue
07. The Beast Arises
08. Children Of Madness
09. Genghis Kahn
10. Remember Tomorrow
11. Charlotte The Harlot
12. Killers
Phantom Of The Opera
14. Running Free
15. Transylvania
16. Iron Maiden
17. Blitzkrieg Bop

Bonus video:

* Interview With Paul Di’Anno


* Photo Gallery
* Discography
* Desktop Images

A short preview of the “The Beast Arises” DVD is available below.

Di’Anno completed his first North American tour in early 2010, 17 years after he was deported following a prison term for guns and drug offenses.

On August 27, 2011, Di’Anno played his first show since serving time in a U.K. prison after he falsely collected U.K. government benefits by claiming he suffered nerve damage to his back that prevented him from working.

Due to a number of health issues, including a knee problem, Di’Anno announced in July 2012 that he would stop touring in 2013. His farewell tour has since been extended to 2014.

Di’Anno recorded two classic albums with IRON MAIDEN before being fired and replaced by Bruce Dickinson. He went on to front a number of other bands, including KILLERS and BATTLEZONE, and released several solo records.

Asked why he thinks his two LPs with MAIDEN became timeless and iconic in the rock history, Di’Anno told Spotlight Report: “I think because when we started, the whole punk thing was so bloody huge, which I loved and still love punk to this day, and the heavier music just became so distant; they called it dinosaur rock back in the day.”

He continued: “When we got signed and the whole New Wave Of British Heavy Metal started, that’s what really kicked off what we have today. If it wasn’t for MAIDEN and bands like SAXON, MOTÖRHEAD, etc., you would never have had bands like METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX. If you didn’t have those bands, you would never have had SEPULTURA, MORBID ANGEL and then PANTERA, etc. So at the time, they were just bloody good albums, but in the history of things, they really kicked off what started for anything today that has heavy guitar. And yeah, they are timeless. Those albums still sell millions. You don’t see the crap that was around then still selling shit, like SHAKIN’ STEVENS or SPANDAU BALLET, do ya?”


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General Music News: Band will headline Invictus Games Closing Party with Kaiser Chiefs, Ellie Goulding, Ryan Adams and more.

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General Music News: The tune is featured on Dinosaur Jr. founder’s second solo record, "Tied to a Star."

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Upcoming Releases: Band also archiving 15 years of footage as well as working on LP No.7.

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General Music News: The drummer says he is "addicted" to the Worthy Farm festival.

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General Music News: Rockstars’ heirs are coming…

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