First news fix of February

GuitarLifestyle has posted an interview with Jeff Beck in light of Gibson’s latest tribute guitar.

What if musical notes had their own programming language ? Create Digital Music takes an interesting looks at what makes composing music and programming similar.

Leonard Cohen books first U.S. show in 15 years.

Neal Young releases new video.

Paul McCartney among headliners for Coachella.

Blink 182 to reunite at 2009 Grammy Awards for the first time since 2004.

Can guitar rising teach you guitar ? The new psuedo-Guitar Hero game uses your own guitar.

Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper among guest on new Pushking album .

Behringer reaches its’ 20th anniversary , Uli Behringer reflects.

Hold on little girl! Mr. Big Reunites !

Ever wonder how guitar amps are made ? I have. Guitar Noize has posted a video from Discovery’s How Stuff’s Made.

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